Story Writing Competition

Following our visit from author, Billy Bob Buttons, we have launched a story writing competition.

We would love all ages to enter. Your job is to write an original story (this means that the ideas haven't been copied from another book) within 500 words. The entries will be judged by a mixture of children and adults at Norwood.

Entries will be judged on:                                            

- Originality (new ideas)

- Plot (the story beginning, middle and end)

- Characterisation (how believeable your characters are)

- Language (the type of words you use)

- Enjoyment (how much we enjoy reading it)

You can type your story onto a computer or hand write it on paper. You can use the ideas that you have read in other books, as all good authors do, but your story and character must be your own ideas.

The most enjoyable entries will be ‘published’ into a book and added to our ‘Living Room Library’ for children at Norwood to read.

Once the winning entries have been chosen, we will be looking for illustrators to design the drawings for inside the books and for the front covers.


Below are the workshops that Billy Bob Buttons delivered as reminders of his top tips for writing a best selling book!


School entries may be submitted up until the end of the school day on Tuesday 28th February.

  1. Planning workshop
  2. Character Workshop