Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at Year 5! Lots of exciting learning happens throughout the curriculum in Year 5 and all pupils engage in a range of activities across the curriculum to suit everyone.


The adults working in Year 5 are:

Miss Hodgkins (class teacher)

Miss Mumford (teaching assistant)

Mrs Brittan (teaching assistant)

Mrs Locke (HLTA- supports in Maths and PPA cover)

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In Year 5 pupils work in teams to support one another across the curriculum. This enables all pupils to extend their knowledge and support others. In addition to this, pupils will experience tasks that require them to work independently, using the learning taken place in groups and applying it to new situations. Individual strengths are acknowledged and celebrated through regular show and tell sessions, as well as the opportunities to earn house points and class credits. Learning is carefully adapted and tailored to suit each pupil, therefore ensuring that all pupils have access to a rich and engaging curriculum, tailored to the needs of each and every pupil.


The topics covered this year are:

Autumn 1- Vikings.

Autumn 2- Titanic.

Spring 1- Earth and Space. 

Spring 2- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Summer 1 and 2 - Harry Potter



Below are some links to different websites which will support your child with thier learning at home.

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  1. Year 5 Curriculum Map