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Autumn 1

Hello and welcome.

We are so excited to begin our journey in Year 1!

Here is a helpful guide to what we will be learning this half term. 

Our topic this term is….

Fairy Tales

We will be looking at different traditional tales throughout this term. We will share lots of different Fairy Tales through story times and focus on three in detail. These will be Jack and the Beanstalk followed by The Sword in the Stone. The children will enjoy describing the different characters, acting out the stories and making their own story maps and mini books.  We will be linking the stories in with all aspects of what we are learning. What is your favourite traditional tale?


This term we will be focusing on numbers 0-20 and beyond, counting up and back from any number, ordering numbers, comparing numbers, forming the numbers correctly in numerals and starting to write the numbers in words. We will also be working on addition and subtraction of numbers and really understanding our number bonds. We will also be learning how to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

Key Words: place value, addition, number bonds, ordering, subtraction, number line, position, sequence.


As the children become familiar with many different Fairy Tales, they will begin to compare them and notice similarities and differences. Such as 'Once upon a time' and 'Happily ever after'. They will be able to share their ideas about heroes and villains within the tales. This will link to PSHE with understanding about good and bad choices. What do you think about Jack and Goldilocks? Should they have taken the golden hen or eaten somebody else's porridge?!

After reading these stories, the children will sequence the main events with a focus on the beginning middle and end of each story. They will write their own little Fairy Tales and the focus will be on writing full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Some children will start to include adjectives to describe the characters.

Throughout our learning, the children are encouraged to form their letters correctly. We will also start to learn capital letters as well as lower case. 

Each morning, the children will work in small groups on phonics. This is a combination of skills to support reading, writing and spelling. We use the Read Write Inc scheme and the children are becoming more and more familiar with 'Fred the frog talk' and green or red words. This learning is supported through reading at home where the children will have their book changed on a Monday and Friday.  It is extremely beneficial to the children if they can read as often at home with you. We always love to hear the children read in school and see their improved progress.

Key words: capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, character, adjectives, sentences. beginning, middle, end, mean, 


As the seasons change we will go on a nature walk to find signs of Autumn. We will also look at materials and create an outfit for a knight of a castle. 

Key words: change, seasons, months, temperature, climate, rot, conker, acorn, hibernate, rustling, September, October, November, Harvest.


With the beebots, the children will learn to give instructions to a friend to lead their beebot up the beanstalk to the castle or into the tower to collect treasure. 

Key words: directions, arrows, forwards, backwards, up, down, left, right, straight ahead, continue, stop, more, less.


After reading Cinderella, the children will make stained glass windows for her castle. 

Key words: attach, add, colour, transparent, bright, shadow, light, change, reflect. 

History and Design and Technology

We will look at castles throughout time. Through videos and information books. The children will then design their own and then make this using junk modelling. 

Key words: structure, build, attach, connect, fort, tower, keep, moat, turret, stick, glue, card, cube, cuboid. 


We will be using the apparatus in the hall to strengthen our muscles. Each morning during the register, the children use play dough to do 'Dough Disco' to strengthen the muscles in their fingers and hands to improve fine motor skills ready for writing. 

PE will be inside on a Wednesday and outside on a Friday. Please can the children bring their kit to school each Monday and they will bring it home on a Friday. Please make sure each item has a name on the label so we can help the children keep their kit together.  

Key words: throw, catch, ready, underarm, bean bag. 


Our theme for Re this half term is to discuss and find 'What do Christians believe God is like?' 

Key words: God, Bible, Christian, reflection, forgive, forgiveness, believe, beliefs. 


We love circle times and this half term we will use these games and discussions to focus on being kind, sharing and taking turns.  'A mind to be kind'

Key words: share, together, kind, care, forgive, turn taking, love. 


Now the children are in Year 1, we have moved over to Seesaw that is used by the rest of the school. This is a fantastic way to show you our learning journey and post pictures and announcements each day. This will regularly be updated with photos of the children engaged in their learning as well as examples of the work they have produced. 


In our class we use lots of verbal praise and find this is the most powerful, recognising when children have made good choices in behaviour and explain why it was good. Effort and 'having a go' is highly praised and an understanding between all of us to act as role models and 'do the right thing' to share and be kind to one another to be a great team together. At the same time recognising that we all can make mistakes sometimes and that we are all learning. 

After their day at school, you may like to ask:

'What was the best thing about today?' Use Seesaw as a way to start conversations about their learning from that day. Feel free to shower them with praise when they get home, they will have worked really hard.


Key Dates:
Half term October 25th - 29th October 2021

Jeans for Genes day Friday 17th September 

End of term 17th December 2021

We are sure the children will have a great term and we look forward to working closing with you to ensure your child has the best opportunities and that they enjoy all that we offer in Year 1.