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Autumn 1

Twisted Tales

Key Vocabulary

During the Autumn Term, our topic will focus on twisted fairy tales. The children know lots of the traditional versions, but we will be working towards writing our own fairy tale with a twist! This includes reading a variety of books such as Snow White and the Enormous Turnip!

Traditional, fairy-tale, twisted, generation, re-tell, character, plot, setting, scene, theme, opener, build-up, dilemma, problem, resolution, story mountain, beginning, middle, end, title, author, illustrator, spine, front cover, blurb, fiction, story, adjectives, adverbs, modern

To help us to write, we will make a puppet theatre in design and technology and perform our story to an audience. We will develop sound effects using our bodies.

Design, theatre, creative, shape, size, texture, material

This term in Maths we will focus on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. The children are beginning to explore tens and ones, and how to add or subtract using two digit numbers.

Numbers, place value, biggest, smallest, more, less, addition, subtraction, tens, ones, digit

Our Geography learning will start with exploring the school grounds and the features we see around us, building up to learning the names of the countries found in the United Kingdom. We will use Google maps and atlases to help us to understand the most relevant towns, cities and countries that make up our world.

Map, atlas, towns, cities, countries

In Science we are focusing on classification, and understanding the difference between things that are living and things that have never been alive.

Classification, similarities, differences, movement, living, non-living, alive, never-lived, reproduce, grow

Our RE theme is ‘UC Gospel’. What is the good news that Jesus brings? Through this learning, we will be asking big questions, and talking about our knowledge of the stories from the Bible.

Bible, Jesus, God

Indoor PE will be on a Monday afternoon, where we will focus on dance and moving as different fairy tale characters. Outdoor PE will take place on a Friday and will focus on team games.

Team, exercise, warm up, keep fit, throw, stretch, recover, dance, balance

If you would like to help your child at home, please continue to read daily and bring your child’s book to be changed regularly. You might also be interested in the links below:

Key Dates

Thursday 12th September 2019 – Parent / Carer day – Character designs and descriptions

Wednesday 9th October – Trip to Cuckoo’s Hollow to act out our chosen fairy tales.