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Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 4!

Main learning theme: The Victorians - Orphans and Gentlemen!

We are going to be looking at life during the Victorian era and comparing it to modern life. Through a range of activities we will find out about Victorian clothing, jobs, poor and rich, toys as well, life for children with particular focus on orphans and street children. The children will learn to empathise with characters from the Victorian era through drama activities based on the book Street Child. 

Vocabulary:  see uploaded document below


We will be learning about place value in four digit numbers and being able to order, compare and round them. We will also be developing our formal written methods for addition and subtraction with numbers with up to four digits. We will also continue to practise a range of arithmetic methods through Number and Lightning.

Vocabulary: thousands, hundreds, tens, units, more than, less than, round down, round up, add, subtract, carry, four digit number


We will be looking at one book in particular called ‘Street Child’ to base our writing on this term. This book is closely linked to our topic as the book is set during the Victorian era and highlights many historical concepts.  We will be using drama to help us with our writing and will write a setting description and diary entries as different characters.


We will learn all about electricity this term, a new concept in Year 4! We will find out about the appliances that use electricity and also the dangers of electricity. We will be making our own circuits and looking at what components are needed to allow electricity to flow.

Vocabulary: battery, cell, bulb, wire, electricity, component, circuit, insulator, conductor

Other curriculum areas:

Computing – designing a simple educational game

Art – line drawing in the style of Lowry

PE – speed and stamina, gymnastics

RE – What does it mean to be a Sikh in Britain today?

PSHE – kindness

Music – learning musical notation

Languages – myself

Design and Technology - DME cooking 'Great British Bake Off - Pie'

History – poor and rich, victorian life, school, the workhouse, homelessness

Important diary dates:

12/9/19 – Roald Dahl day

20/9/19 – Jeans for Genes day

7/10/19 and 9/10/19 - Consultation evening

21/10/19-25/10/19 – Half term