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Autumn 1


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Our topic this term is the Vikings. Pupils will be looking in depth at who the Vikings were, where they came from and why they invaded Britain. Pupils will also look at what life was like during this time for all ages, and will begin to compare this with the Anglo-Saxons.


Pupils will be focusing on fronted adverbials, clauses and expanded noun phrases for the first part of this term before writing a diary entry from the perspective of Odd – a child character in Odd and the Frost Giants. Pupils will then end by looking at Myths and Legends which will result in them writing a character description of Thor.


Pupils will have a standalone Grammar lesson each week which will focus on word classes, modal verbs and punctuation as well as further embedded their learning of adverbials and clauses. Vocabulary and spellings are also a big focus in class this year.


To start the term, we will be looking in depth at arithmetic, focusing on the four operations for numbers up to 1 000 000. Pupils will take part in Number and Lightning three times a week in a bid to increase confidence and understanding across all arithmetic. Once embedded, we will revert back to Maths No Problem where pupils will focuse on Place value, recognising ad using numbers up to 1 million. In addition, we will look at rounding and ordering large numbers. Throughout their Maths lesson, and the school day, pupils will experience a lot of activities linked to their times tables. The more fluent and confident the pupils are with recalling their times tables, the easier pupils will be able to answer calculations.


The topic in Science is Materials. Key vocabulary used will be solute, solvent, soluble and solution. Experiments will be carried out to test different materials and their reactions within solutions. Pupils will also look at everyday objects and decide the best materials for a particular purpose. Other key terms within this topic are reversible/irreversible changes and burning.

Other curriculum areas:

DT- Viking longboats

French- All about me

PE- Invasion games and gymnastics

PSHE- Working together

Computing- We are game developers

RE- Who is God?

Music- Sea shanties


Key dates:

 13th September- Road Dahl day

WC 17th September - Bikeability week

WC 17th September – Year 5 Gardening week

9th October – Individual photos