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Autumn 1

A Place To Call Home


Our class book will be 'Journey to the River Sea' - a children’s classic and a superb story of discovery and friendship. This book which will also be a stimulus for much of our writing. We will look at a range of fiction and non-fiction genres and will include descriptive writing, diary entries and persuasive writing. Our Grammar focus for the term will be word classes (understanding the building blocks of language), fronted adverbials and the use of a range of clauses (subordinate and relative) to vary the structure of and add detail to our writing. Learning to edit and handwriting will play a crucial role in this too.

Pupils should continue to use Bedrock at least twice a week at home to support with their vocabulary - it is also our aim to access this resource daily in school.

Vocabulary:   narrative       characterisation         setting        persuasive         word class      noun        adjective      determiner      verb       adverb       preposition conjunction       adverbial  

In Guided Reading we will use a variety to texts to enable the pupils to apply their learning to a range of question types and to make links between different books. We will start off by looking at retrieval and inference before moving on to other areas of reading.  In order to support your child with both their grammar and reading at home, please use the following links:


Number, Place Value and arithmetic will be our focus for Maths this term, using Number and Lightning as the basis of our knowledge. Pupils will be taught the four operations in depth and will be tasked with using these in a variety of different contexts. Times tables and generating new facts from those known will also be a focus within the classroom, as it is imperative that pupils are able to recall these facts in order to access the year 5 curriculum thoroughly.

Vocabulary: place value    rounding        addition       subtraction    multiplication  division    compare     order    negative numbers    Roman numerals 

Homework will be set via the Mymaths Website in conjunction with Seesaw once the term is up and running.In order to support your child with their times table knowledge at home and with arithmetic in general, please use the following links:

Science: Living Things and their Habitats

Our first topic in Science is Living things and their Habitats. We will look at the lifecycle of a range of different animals and compare these with the lifecycle of a human. 

Vocabulary:  habitat         dispersal     germination       fertilisation    artificial selection  evolution        classification      pollination

Geography: Settlements

Our Geography learning will focus on settlements. As well as looking into different settlements and their features, we will focus on Cardiff.

Vocabulary:  settlement     hamlet    farmstead    village    rural    inhabitants     church     village green    post office    small shop    primary school    pub    village hall     town    secondary school    railway station    urban    adapt    coastal town    market town    city     university    hospital    cathedral    airport     sprawling    urban sprawl     boroughs     Londoners    tube     underground    cycle lane     conurbation     flat    Cardiff     Capital   Taff    businesses  

History: The Indus Valley Civilization

In History, we will be learning about the Indus Valley. We will look at their way of life, their religion, the jewellery and puzzles.

Vocabulary necklace      bangles     Mohenjo-Daro     merchants    market     reconstructed     reconstruction      Harappa    monument     seals     sources    evidence    trench     pottery    potsherds     threshed      threshing    barley     beckon    urban     citadel    fired    kiln     technology     sewage     Lothal     drain    wells    draw water     jewellery     ox    rhinoceros    unicorn    terracotta   ornaments    carnelian    barter    weights     transport    prow    trade route     governed     government    robe    figurines    fertility    Asia    Hindu    granary   

French: En vacances

This term, we will be learning how to talk about our holidays. 

Vocabulary: en vacancies, le zoo, la plage, le parc d'attractions 

Computing: Computing Systems and Networks: Search engines

We will be learning about different search engines and using keywords and phrases, identifying inaccurate information, and learning page rank works as well.

Vocabulary: search engine    network      navigate    voice-activation    key words   website    browser    privacy      real     fake     deceive    (in)correct    information   copyright    fair    credit    (in)appropriate     web crawler    rank    algorithm    index        

RE: What will make our city a more respectful place? 

In RE, we will be learning about ways to promote respectfulness in our town. We will use our knowledge of different world religions and places of worship to guide us.

Vocabulary: religion      locality       population   diversity      interfaith   respectfulness    respectful

PSHE: Families and Relationships

In PSHE, we will be thinking about families and relationships, developing an understanding of families, including marriage and what to do if someone feels unsafe in our family. We will also learn about friendship, as well as exploring the impact of bullying and what influences a bully’s behaviour. We will learn about appreciating our individual positive attributes.

Vocabulary: friend    friendship     ups and downs     solution    strengthened   wedding  marriage   choice    religion    legal    lifelong      attributes   proud   skills   self respect    family    help   support    bullying  bystander   cyberbullying   victim   unkind   gender    stereotype   equality     race  religion   discrimination   racis

Art - We will be looking at the works of artist Andy Warhol, and creating printing blocks of leaves.

Vocabulary:  print   overlaying     artist    Andy Warhol     pop artist      patterns    block    experiment    natural

PE: Outdoor Activities and Health & Fitness

We will be developing our team work skills in out outdoor PE lessons, learning to work together to achieve tasks successfully. In our indoor PE, we will work on our understanding of what health and fitness means, using  'Speed Stacks' to improve our agility and co-ordination.

Vocabulary: orientation       team building        co-ordination       agility     health  fitness           

Music: Blues music

In Music, our focus is on 'Blues', learning about its history, musical composition using chords and 12- bar blues.

Vocabulary: Blues      chord      bar     12-bar Blues    scale    bent notes    ascending  descending    improvisation

Key dates:

Autumn Term starts - Monday 6th September

Jeans for Genes Day- Friday 17th September

Bikeability - We are looking to see if this is going ahead in the week beginning 20th September

End of Autumn 1 term - Friday 22nd October