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Autumn 1

Roman Britain

In Autumn 1, we continue our learning about the Romans, turning our attention to the Romans in Britain. As we learn about this fascinating period in our history, we may ask ourselves 'Were the Romans really rotten?!'


Our stimulus for writing in Autumn 1 will be 'The Thieves of Ostia'. We will join the characters as they sleuth their way through an intriguing mystery set in AD79. Packed with accurate detail of everyday Roman life, it will further our understanding of the everyday lives of Romans and their culture. This will enable us to tackle our own narrative writing and discussion text on Roman life. To further support our writing, we will look at a range of non-fiction texts in our Guided Reading lessons, and, of course, our History lessons on Roman Britain will be invaluable for building our knowledge of all things Roman.

Our Grammar focus for the term will be to develop our understanding and range of narrative tenses, as well as developing our repertoire of 'language of discussion and opinion'. Learning to edit and attention to neat, cursive handwriting will play a crucial role in this too.

Pupils should continue to use Bedrock at home to support with their vocabulary - it is also our aim to access this resource daily in school.

Vocabulary: narrative, character, setting, atmosphere, action, dialogue, discussion, opinion, balance, support, contradict, word class, noun phrase, noun, adjective, verb, modal verb, adverb, adverbial, preposition, conjunction, co-ordinating clause, co-ordinating conjunction, subordinate clause, subordinating conjunction, causal conjunction, inverted commas.

Guided Reading - Reading for Inference

We will use a variety of texts - both fiction and non-fiction - about the Romans to enable us to apply our learning to a range of question types, and to make links between different books and our own growing general knowledge. We will use text annotation as a method of exploring a text, and will build on our retrieval and inference reading skills. In order to support your child with both their grammar and reading at home, please use the following links:


This term, we will start our Maths journey with Place Value. We will also further our Maths fluency by working closely on our Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication and Division skills. Times tables and generating new facts from those known will be a focus within our morning task time. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall these facts in order to access the Year 5 curriculum thoroughly. We will be using Number and Lightning as the basis of our knowledge to support our arithmetic skills. Pupils will be taught operations in depth, and will be tasked with using these in a variety of different contexts. 

Vocabulary: number, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, digit, numeral, column

Homework will continue to be set via the MyMaths Website in conjunction with Seesaw.  In order to support your child with their times table knowledge at home and with arithmetic in general, please use the following links:

History: Roman Britain

We will learn about the Roman invasion of Britannia, focusing on some important historical figures and places of this fascinating time in our history.

Vocabulary: Britannia,  ‘Veni, Vedi, Vici’, invasion, Celtic tribes, Claudius, chieftain, Caratacus, warriors, ambushed, captured, forces, fort, ascend, breast-plates, placed in chains, defeat, heavy taxes, capital city, Colchester, stationed, revolt, Iceni, Boudicca, raised an army, razed the ground, Londinium, Watling Street, increased in number, heavily outnumbered, without delay, showed no mercy, Aquae Sulis, spring, fortune, furnaces, strigil, hypocaust, palestra, intersecting, branched off, grid, aqueducts, forum, basilica, theatre, temple, frontier, height, Hadrian, Hadrian’s Wall, approaching, Vindolanda, wooden tablets, garrison

Geography: Coastal Processes and Landforms

We will be exploring the processes that shape our coastlines, learning about the impact of the sea, air and humans. We will also investigate different landforms, many of which will be familiar to us. We will look back in time to the Jurassic era as we marvel at the Jurassic Coastline – see our Year 5 Museum of Curiosities for some 100-million-year-old exhibits from one of the Jurassic beaches! 

Vocabulary: coastline, waves, erosion, transport, transportation, groynes, depositing, deposit, deposition, landforms, bay, cliffs, headland, shingle, Jurassic Coast, preserved, fossils, cave, arch, stack, habitat, rock pools, sand dunes, coral reefs, Cardigan Bay


In RE, we will be considering the Big Question - ‘What will make our city a more respectful place? We will be learning about ways to promote respectfulness in the city where we live, using our knowledge of different world religions and places of worship to guide us.

Vocabulary: religion, locality, population, diversity, interfaith, multifaith, respect, respectfulness, tolerance.


We will be developing our team work skills in our outdoor PE lessons, learning to work together to achieve tasks successfully. In our indoor PE, we will be developing our table tennis skills.

Vocabulary: orientation, team building, co-ordination, agility, stamina, health, fitness, forehand, backhand, serve, bat, net


In Autumn 1, we will research what a search engine is and how to use it. We will also learn about using key words when searching online. We will also look at awareness around accurate and inaccurate information online.

Vocabulary: search engine, network, navigate, voice-activation, key words, website, browser, privacy, real, fake, deceive, (in)accurate information, copyright, fair, credit, (in)appropriate, web crawler, rank, algorithm, index 


In PSHE, we will be thinking about families and relationships, developing an understanding of families, including marriage and what to do if someone in our family feels unsafe. We will also learn about friendship, as well as exploring the impact of bullying and what influences a bully’s behaviour. We will learn about appreciating our individual positive attributes.

Vocabulary: friend, friendship, ups and downs, solution, strengthened, wedding, marriage, choice, religion, legal, lifelong, attributes, proud, skills, self-respect, family, help, support, bullying, bystander, cyberbullying, victim, unkind, gender, stereotype, equality, race, religion, discrimination, racism.


In Music, our focus is on 'Blues', learning about its history, musical composition using chords and 12- bar blues.

Vocabulary: Blues, chord, bar, 12-bar Blues, scale, beat, notes, ascending, descending, improvisation.


This term, we will be learning about French Monster Pets. We will: investigate texts for visual clues; identify and sort nouns by gender, number and meaning; make a short presentation in French; use adjectives correctly, and create a descriptive paragraph.

Vocabulary: un carnivore, un reptile, un insecte, le / la / les, Qu'est-ce-que c'est? - What is it?, il a - he/it has, elle a - she/it has, c'est un/ c'est une - it's a(n), habite

Important dates for this term: 

Term begins: Monday 5th September

Roald Dahl Day: Tuesday 13th September

Year 5 Bikeability: Tuesday 20th September – Friday 23rd September

NHS National Influenza Immunisation programme: Monday 3rd October

End of term: Friday 21st October

October Half Term: Monday 24th to Friday 28th October