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Autumn 1

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Our learning in Year 4 will build upon prior knowledge and learning as well as delving into and exploring new topics and skills.


Our first topic in Year 4 is going to be centred around our core book – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. This book centres around a journey as it tells the story of a young rabbit who encounters many walks of life as he searches for the true meaning of loving others. By the end of the half-term, pupils will have written a narrative and a diary entry based on an aspect of this book.


Many grammatical terms and features will be taught through our English lessons, but pupils will also take part in separate grammar lessons. Pupils will start by recapping prior learning - looking at things such as word classes, sentence structures and punctuation before delving into new areas such as fronted adverbials and noun phrases.


Bedrock will continue to be used to improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge. Pupils will be given opportunities in class to complete sessions but the expectation for pupils to complete at least 2 lessons a week at home still remains.


Adjectives   verbs   nouns    adverbs   phrases    noun phrases   compound   complex   simple   perspective   retell    emotional language   tenses   recount  word class   punctuation   fronted adverbials

Guided Reading

Pupils will continue with their work on Reading for Inference which was has become familiar with the pupils over the past few years. Pupils will look at and annotate texts with their background knowledge and links that they can make to either themselves or other books that they have read. This approach enables the pupils to gain a deeper understanding of what they are reading by allowing them to familiarise themselves with plots and characters.


Background knowledge   links   pace   stamina   fluency    prior knowledge familiar    text to text     to self    text to world knowledge   annotate

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We will start off with a focus on place value as this underpins all Mathematics. Pupils will look and work with numbers up to 10,000 - ordering, comparing, partitioning, rounding, representing and identifying different place values within a number. After this, we will move onto addition and subtraction using 4-digit numbers. Alongside using the column method, pupils will have to reason and problem solve using all of the above.

Every week pupils will complete a Number and Lightning and skills for this will be taught in addition to their daily Math’s lesson. Pupils who are already competent in various areas will further embed their understanding. These skills will be taught in small groups as to ensure that a confident understanding is achieved by all pupils.

Time Tables will be a huge focus in class, with daily teaching and practice. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 in order to access all the curriculum. Pupils should also work on their times table at home.


Ones   tens   hundred   thousand   ten thousand   place value   digit   integer   value   figure    compare   more than   less than   equals   ascending   descending   rise   fall   rounding    nearest    total   method    perseverance   trial and error    systematic  

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Other Subjects


Our topic this half-term will be States of Matter. Pupils will carry out various experiments in order to understand the differences between gases, liquids and solids and the methods required to convert between different states. In addition to this, pupils will learn all about the Water Cycle and will be exposed to numerous representations to aid understanding. A book called ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ will be used to support pupils' understanding of the cycle and the various stages it goes through.


changes    cloud    collection   condensation    evaporation    heat    lakes    rivers   liquids      mountains   oceans   precipitation    rain     rivers    sea    snow stream    steam    sun    transpiration     underground     vapour    water     weather     wind     solids    liquid


We will be following Kapow for our Computing this term and will be focusing on collaborative learning. This includes different ways in which you can work with others using the computer. Through this unit, pupils will be introduced to Google forms, power points, word documents and shared spreadsheets. This unit will provide pupils will the skills and knowledge to complete the remaining units across the year.


collaborate    comment   e-document    edit    email    icon    insert    link    presentation   presentation software     reply     reviewing documents     share    spreadsheet     transition


After an initial introductory lesson where rules and expectations will be established, pupils will be focusing on families and relationships. This unit will look at manners, respecting others, healthy friendships, social behaviours, bullying, gender and disability stereotypes, different types of families and coping with change/ loss.  


Act of kindness     authority      bereavement     bullying      bystander     manners      permission   respect    stereotypes


Our topic within RE is What does it mean to be a Sikh in Britain today? Pupils will look at their beliefs and place of worship. Who and when they worship, their values and the difference between Sikhism and other religions.


Sikhism      Guru      Guru Nanak    worship    value    Gurdwara      community    symbol    service    belief


Pupils will take part in two PE lessons each week. One lesson will be focused on Health and fitness and the other on Gymnastics.

Health and Fitness - Pupils will be introduced to various components of fitness such as co-ordination, stamina, agility and reaction time and these will be tested and practised in a bid to improve. Pupils will evaluate a peer’s performance and look to offer ways to improve. Alongside this, pupils will learn the importance of staying physically active and healthy plus the impact both this and a sedentary lifestyle can have on a human’s body.


warm up     cool down      stamina     co-ordination     agility     balance     reaction    skill     active    activity     performance     evaluate    improve

Gymnastics – As well as recapping the different shapes used within gymnastics, pupils will focus on a range of floor work such as forward rolls and somersaults. Pupils will use also use various size vaults. Pupils will be taught to safely support others and again pupils will look to evaluate and improve others.


balance    shape    arch    straddle   pike   dish    front support    back support     support    strength    tension    head stand    hand stand    cartwheel   propulsion    V sit 


In History, we will be learning about the Roman Republic. Within this topic we will look at how Rome was formed, the Romans v Carthage, Hannibal’s attack on Rome, how Scipio saved Rome and culture in the Roman Republic.


Romulus     Remus    Tiber     shepherd     omen    Rome     senators     unity     toga      temples     cunning       Sabine       signals      seven hills    Tarquin    Tarquin the Proud     Brutus     represent    consuls      SPQR     Carthaginians    Punic Wars     Hannibal    ambushed      Calvary       Scipio       Patrician     Plebeians    elect     representatives  


In Geography, we will be looking at the Rhine and the Mediterranean Sea. Within this topic, we will be looking at the River Rhine in depth, focusing in on key cities along its route such as Cologne and Rotterdam. We will look at how it changes in the Alps before focusing in on the Mediterranean and the Suez Channel.


Alps      tributary    Upper Rhine     Lower Rhine     confluence     banks    flooding    flood walls     port    harness      importing      exporting    canal      wetlands    drained   lock      strait     enclosed sea    mainland     Suez Channel

MFL - French

In French this half-term, we will focus on portraits and using french adjectives. Pupils will look at various ways to describe people's appearances and also their personality. Pupils will formulate sentences where the adjectives agree with the noun. 


les yeux      les cheveux      fort/forte     sportif/ sportive   traviailleur/ travailleuse             petit/ petite    grand/grande    paoli/polie     heureux/heureuse   ill/elle


Music will be taught through a programme called Kapow and our first topic is body and tuned percussion. We will look at the structure of music and will focus on the pitch, tempo and dynamics within a song. As we develop an understanding of the key vocabulary, we will explore the sounds that we can make both with our body and a range of instruments.


Tempo    structure    dynamics   pitch   texture    percussion   tuned    un-tuned   composition   rhythm    melody    loops    layers

Key dates:

Thursday 8th September - rearranged end of year disco

Tuesday 13th September - Road Dahl Day

Friday 23rd September - Jeans for Genes Day

W/C 17th October - Parent Engagement event

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