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Autumn 1 Key learning

 It was so lovely to meet all of the children at the recent visits, we can't wait to get started with our learning journeys. Here are the key learning skills that we will be focusing on. 


  • I can recognise my name
  • I Know the names of the adults in class-Mrs Blake, Mrs Woods, Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Rogers, Mrs Fox
  • I can name 5 friends in my class
  • I can say 5 things that we do at school
  • I can say my first and second name
  • I can write my name
  • I can recognise 20 letter sounds
  • I can name 10 parts of the body
  • I can name 2 healthy and 2 unhealthy foods
  • I can count to 5
  • I can recognise numbers to 5
  • I can say 2 ways to be kind
  • I can ask for help when needed
  • I can use please and thank you
  • I can say 3 ways to care for babies
  • I can talk about 3 different types of house.
  • I can retell the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears
  • I can hold a pencil with the correct grip
  • I can undress and dress myself.
  • I can wash and dry my hands
  • I know how to brush my teeth

These are key learning to aim for over the first 7 weeks of school. 

(Shared with parents at the school visits 6/9/22)