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Autumn 2

Autumn 2 – World War II

Theme: WWII

We will continue studying WWII and our focus for this half term will be Europe. During the next 7 weeks we will learn about the holocaust, Anne Frank, Resistance movements, POW and the impact on Berlin and the German people at the end of the war. For each aspect of our learning we will delve deep and create real experiences for the children to gain an insight into what life was like during this period in time. We are hoping to invite parents/carers in for a science challenge!

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English:  Writing

During our writing this term we will develop key skills linked to expending sentences and using more complicated punctuation choices. The will happen through: diary writing linked to Anne Frank and non-chronological reports on POW camps. We will also be writing short stories and developing settings and characters.

In addition to our literacy lessons we will be spending 7 weeks, 20-30 mins a day, intensively improving our handwriting and spelling skills and knowledge. In order to support this, your child will be bringing home a handwriting booklet and spelling guide every Monday. Please support and encourage your child to give their best effort to both tasks. Thank you.

English:  Reading

Within our guided reading sessions the children will explore ideas around author’s deliberate use of language and searching for evidence within a text to support our ideas and opinions. Our class reading book continues to be Goodnight Mr Tom . Please support your child by ensuring they read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day either to themselves or to somebody else.

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Maths: Number

After spending a good deal of time on number and calculation strategies, this half term our focus will move onto working with fractions and decimals. In addition to this we will develop our ability to reason mathematically and investigating new ideas will also play a significant role in our learning. In each instance we will endeavour to make the maths as ‘real’ as possible in order for the children to understand its relevance.

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Science: Materials

We will be looking at different aspects of solids, liquids and gases this term which will lead into reversible and irreversible changes. Where ever possible this will provide opportunities for the children to design, carry out and draw conclusions from their own experiments with what makes a fair test a core part of the ongoing learning.

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Other Curriculum Areas

Computing – Spread sheets

MFL - French

D and T – Designing and building rockets.

PE –Indoor large apparatus gymnastics (Monday afternoon) Outdoor rugby (Friday afternoon)

PSHE – Personal Safety

RE - Judaism