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Autumn 2

Welcome back to our second term in Year 1.

Here are some helpful tips and information about this term and how you could support your child in their learning.

This term our topic is…. 
Toys and school life!            

We will be focusing on toys in many ways throughout this term, starting with the life of children in Victorian times (both their school life and the toys they would have at this time). We will then move on to looking at our own favourite toys and linking this into our writing in English and science, thinking about the materials it is made from. We will then go in to looking at Christmas, what is it, how is it important to people, practicing the play and what Christmas looks like in other areas of the world.  

Question for you: What is your favourite toy from your childhood? What was it you loved about it?


Our topic  and English work this term are linked so we are able to build up our knowledge of toys throughout the curriculum. We will be looking at non-fiction books about toys to begin with in the term, introducing the features found in non-fiction books (for example: contents page, index) and applying this in their writing of posters, leaflets and fact writing. We will be reading stories about toys and then look at describing our favourite toys using adjectives, thinking about how we would feel if we lost those toys and writing short stories. We will be focusing on capital letters, full stops, finger-spaces between words and starting to think about adding adjectives into sentences.

Key words: capital letters, full stops, adjectives, contents page, index, title, sub-title, bold, facts, glossary.


This term in maths we will be continuing our learning of addition and subtraction. We will be looking at consolidating the learning so far and extending our learning up to and beyond 20. We will continue our counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, reading and writing our numbers as words and practicing our left and right for our directions learning. We will also be looking at shape. We will be looking at both 2D and 3D shapes, learning about their properties and finding them in the world around us. We will also be looking at how we can use shapes to make patterns.

Key words: addition, subtraction, add, plus, equals, subtract, minus, take away, left, right, 3D, 2D, sphere, cube, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, prism.


We will be continuing our learning of the seasons and how they change over the year this term. We will be looking at Autumn changing into Winter and how the days are now shorter.

We will also be continuing our learning this term of everyday materials. The children can now identify what material items are made from so we will be extending our learning to think about properties of those items and then sorting items that are made from the same materials together and sorting based upon their properties.

Key words: property, season, Winter, Autumn, day length, material, bendy, stiff, smooth, rough, transparent, soft, hard.

Other Curriculum Areas:

Computing - Programming and direction with Beebots and E-safety
R.E. – Understanding Christianity - Why does Christmas matter?
Art and Design – William Morris - Printing pictures of toys
Design and Technology – Design and make a moving toy.
Music – Singing playground rhymes and clapping rhythms
History – Toy and school life, how these change over time. Queen Victoria and Victorian era
P.E. – Playground games
P.S.H.E. – A Mind To Be Kind

Diary Dates:
31st October 2019 - Halloween Disco
6th November 2019 - Individual Photos
10th December 2019 - Year 1 Christmas Performance