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Autumn 2

The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London

Key vocabulary

Topic - Exploring, formation, materials, escape, feelings, bakers, fire person, brigade, Pudding Lane, baking, London, diary, record, information, Samuel Pepys, Thames, fiction, non-fiction

Math - Addition, subtraction, number facts, multiplication, division, word problems

Science - Materials, classification, transparent, hard, flexible, soft


Our topic for the next term is the Great Fire of London! The children will be exploring how the fire started, why it spread so far and how it was put out in the end. We will look at how the fire changed the way buildings in London are built, and how it led to the formation of an official fire brigade. In DT the children will explore different building materials and design their own boat that could have been used to escape.

In English this term Year 2 will be focusing on non-fiction texts, poetry and diary writing. We will also write instruction texts for baking bread. We will think about how a non-fiction text is different from the stories that we have looked at during our work on Twisted Tales. Children will write their own diary entry from the Baker’s perspective about the great fire, and imagine what it would have been like to be there. We will continue to practice our reading and our phonics throughout the term.

In Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation we will be making sure we remember all of the different types of sentences we have learned so far – command, exclamation and question – as well as ensuring we are always using full stops and capital letters accurately.


In Math this term Year 2 will continue to build their number skills from last term, continuing to focus on addition and subtraction with renaming. We will also be focusing on multiplication and division. Please do practise number bonds and facts with your child at home e.g. all of the number pairs that can be added to make 20 (12+8=20, 10+10=20, 20=13+7, 20-1=19) as well as continuing with the times table, focusing on 2s, 5s and 10s.


This term in Science we will be looking at materials. The children will consider how materials are classified and sorted. The children will compare and contrast the properties of different materials and consider why a material is more suited to a particular task than other materials.  

Other Curriculum Areas

RE – Christmas story and Christian traditions

PSHE – Kindness – we will continue to watch our friendship tree grow.

Design and Technology – Building a boat

Art and Design – Pastel London skylines and geometric drawing

History – How has London changed over time, how was London different in the past

Computing – Designing Tudor houses

PE linked with Music – Dance and body movements linked to sounds

Diary Dates

31.10.19 – Halloween special lunch

5.11.19 – Bonfire special lunch

Week commencing 11.11.19 – Anti-bullying week

22.11.19 – Show box appeal deadline

4.12.19 – Year 2 Christmas performance

11.12.19 – Christmas Fayre

13.12.19 – Christmas jumper day

18.12.19 – End of term