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Autumn 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had a really exciting start to school; the children have settled really well and have certainly found their feet! They have already learnt many school routines and are beginning to show us their interests and they certainly love outdoors.


We will begin with a topic on Pirate, the children have been obsessed with gathering treasure and filling our boat!

We will then look at the books of Julia Donaldson beginning with The Gruffalo and ending with Stickman. She has written many books so we will look at the children interests and match them to her stories.

Literacy – ‘READ, WRITE, INC.’

At Norwood we have adopted Read, Write, Inc. as our phonics program to teach children early reading and writing skills.

The children have been learning a new sound each day and revising those taught throughout the day. We will keep sending out the sounds and writing sheets each week to help support your child’s reading and writing at home. We have had quite a few booklets go missing, could you please ensure they are sent back into school on Friday so that we can keep track of your child’s achievements. Don’t forget to share your children’s successes on Tapestry.


This half term we will be focusing on numbers up to 10 and 20 to enhance your child’s counting skills and understanding the value of individual numbers. We will also be learning to measure and will be exploring 2D shapes that are in our environment, it would be great if you could continue this at home. You can do this by going on shape walks and pointing out different 2D shapes in your home, e.g. rectangle for window and circle for wheel. Further math learning will be continued throughout our continuous provision. During this time, your child will have access to all resources that the classroom provides and will learn through independent play. The Reception classroom is designed to provide learning across different areas, for example; an area for maths, creativity, reading and writing.

Naming clothes

Please could you ensure that all items of clothing that are in school are clearly named to avoid any confusion. We have lost some Jumpers already. Could I ask that you check your child’s jumpers and cardigans and return any that do not belong to your child. The children currently do not leave our setting so if we cannot find items of clothing in the setting they may have been picked up accidently by another child.


It would be really useful if your child had a pair of wellies in school. Over the next few weeks the children will be visiting the wooded areas in school to look at the effects of Autumn and Winter. It is quite muddy and we would like to protect the children’s shoes so a pair of wellies is ideal. It is also helpful when they are playing with water.

Learning Journals

 We would like you to contribute to your child’s profile on Tapestry. Lots of learning takes place with you. We really welcome information on your child’s;

  • Physical development e.g. can they swim or ride their bike without stabilisers.
  • Sounds e.g. are they spotting sounds in print at the supermarket.
  • Mathematics e.g. are they counting accurately, do they recognise shapes when they are out and about.
  • Understanding of the world e.g. are they spotting changes in the seasons.
  • Creativity e.g. do they attend dancing classes, do they enjoy drawing.
  • Personal and social and emotional development e.g. do they share with brothers and sisters.
  • Technology e.g. what technology do they use at home? Can they use the remote control, CD player, Xbox, IPAD’s.

Just a final reminder to practice the children’s sounds over half term, a week is a long time in the life of 4 and 5 year old!

Below is a link to help you. Please stop after you see the sound ‘u’.

Important Dates

End of term           18th December 2020

Return to school     6th January 2021

Useful websites