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Autumn 2

Our learning in Year 4 will build upon prior knowledge and learning as well as delving into and exploring new topics and skills.


Pupils will be working this half-term towards writing 2 independent pieces. We are using an approach in English called Talk For Writing which means pupils will learn the text orally before unpicking its features and writing their own. In the first piece pupils will be focusing on is an instructional text. This will link to their focus in DT for this half-term. Pupils will be looking at imperative verbs throughout this focus.  

Our second independent write will be a narrative based on a short film called 'The Supporting Act'.  Pupils will watch the wordless film and gain a deep understanding of the feelings experienced by both characters before deciding on one point of view to retell the story from.Within this, pupils will focus on inverted commas and expanded noun phrases.


Many grammatical terms and features will be taught through our English lessons, but pupils will also take part in separate grammar lessons. Pupils will start by recapping sentence structures before moving onto prepositions and apostrophes. We will use these grammar lessons to recap our previous terms learning on fronted adverbials and word classes before looking at the new.


Bedrock will continue to be used to improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge. Pupils will be given opportunities in class to complete sessions but the expectation for pupils to complete at least 2 lessons a week at home still remains.

Imperative verbs       fronted adverbials    determiners    nouns   adjectives    inverted commas   apostrophes    pronouns     dialogue    description   prepositions 

Guided Reading

Pupils will continue with their work on reading for inference which was introduced last year and continued last half-term. Pupils will focus on inference and visualisation, both of which will support the pupils’ ability to unpick and relate to a text. This approach enables the pupils to gain a deeper understanding of what they are reading and helps pupils to learn strategies to support them in becoming good and confident readers. In addition to this, our focus will be on finding evidence appropriate to the point being made. Pupils will have to ensure that every answer given, is supported by information taken from the text.


fluency    infer     relate     relationship    evidence      point     explanation     argument   


Initially, pupils will focus on addition and subtraction, with the main focus being on reasoning and problem solving and knowing when to use each calculation. After this, pupils will move on to multiplication and division. Within multiplication, we will focus on short multiplication and becoming confident with the method and the process of it. Within division, we will look not only at the division facts related to our times tables but also dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. We looked into this at the end of last half-term, so again it will be about consolidating this learning and using it to reason and problem solve.

Each week pupils will complete a Number and Lightning and skills for this will be taught in addition to their daily Maths lesson. Pupils who are already competent in various areas will further embed their understanding.

Times Tables will be a huge focus in class, with daily teaching and practise. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 in order to access all of the curriculum. Pupils should also work on their times table at home.

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Addition    subtraction    sum    multiplication    division   divisor    product   share   split   even    split    total   method    perseverance   trial and error    systematic    reasoning 

Other Subjects


Our topic this half-term will be Humans Including Animals. Within this we will look at the digestive system, our teeth and how it is important to keep them healthy. Pupils will take part in various experiments to support their learning. In addition to this, we will look at food chains and how it all links with each step relying on another in order to work.  


Digestion    organ     saliva     salivary gland    bile   metabolism   stomach   intestine    bowl     oral hygiene     molar   incisor    wisdom     pre molar   decay   plaque    gums


We will be following Kapow for our Computing this term and will be focusing on programming and using Scratch. Within this topic, pupils will be looking at different variables and using these to create their own codes.


Code      variables    code block   conditioning   direction    icon   project    stage   variable    tinker    orientation    programmer     feature    decompose


Our topic this half-term is all about Health and Wellbeing. This topic will link to Science as we look at how to look after our teeth and our bodies, but we will also explore being happy, how it is ok to make mistakes and how we can look after our mental health.


Fluoride   healthy     mental health    negative emotions   relaxation     resilience     skill    visualise


Our topic within RE is What does it means to be a Sikh in Britain today? Pupils will look at their beliefs and place of worship. Who and when they worship, their values and the difference between Sikhism and other religions.


Sikhism      Guru      Guru Nanak    worship    value    Gurdwara      community    symbol

service    belief


Pupils will take part in two PE lessons each week. One lesson will be focused on Netball and the other on Boccia.

Netball – pupils will learn the correct techniques for the four main passes within Netball (chest, shoulder, overhead and bounce), how to land correctly and abide by the footwork rule. Pupils will focus in on attacking, included movement patterns, changes of direction and moving into space.


Chest pass    shoulder pass   bounce pass    overhead pass    footwork   team work   cooperation   movement   space   direction     skill   discipline    fitness   

Boccia – Boccia is traditionally a sport played by disabled participants as it can be adapted in so many ways to enable all to access. It will allow the pupils to appreciate different sports that they may not otherwise experience. Boccia teaches precision, accuracy, hand eye co-ordination and perseverance.


Accuracy    power   angles   lunge    perseverance   evaluate   adapt   curve   straight   hand eye-co-ordination


We will be focusing in on Roman Empire. As well as this, we will look at Julius Caesar, Augustus, Claudius and Nero. Furthermore, we will look at Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius.


Province     governor    legion     rebel     frontier     forts     Gaul   Julius Caeser    Pompey     Foreign   Brutus    Idea of March     Descended    Cunning     Augustus    emperor    Claudius     proclaim    advantage    aqueducts    Nero    Colleseum    Pompeii    Vesuvius    Vapour     Pliny    Debris     Judeo    Rebellion    Imperial


In Geography, we will be looking at Population. We will look at what population is, migration, multi-ethnic London, multi-ethnic Cardiff, the Welsh language and Culture and Welsh and Identify.


Population     population density     sparsely populated    densely populated    distribution     migration    rural    urban     ethnic    diverse    census     ethnicity    Welsh     Cymraeg     Eisteddfod     Wales     British    Identity   


The topic in French this half-term is French Greetings. We will look at the different greetings used at different times of day and will be looking at how we can ask others if they are ok. In addition, we will be learning some French rhymes and making our own French finger puppets.  


Bonjour    je m’appelle     comment t’appelles tu?     Et toi?    Un   deux   trios   bonsoir    nounours     mon ange   au revoir      regardez-moi   mon amour


Linked to our topic, pupils will be cooking this term as they aim to plan, prepare, make and evaluate a healthy snack. Pupils will be able to discuss the texture, taste, appearance and smell of similar products before deciding on their own.


Equipment   healthy    nutritious   hygienic   edible   grown   reared   processed    seasonal   harvested   varied   utensils   measure    scale    technique   ingredients

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