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Autumn 2

Here is a helpful guide to what we will be learning this half-term. 

Our topic this term is….

'Winter Wonderland'

We will be focusing Winter as a season whilst we practise for our Christmas Performance. We will create a winter inspired piece through our Art learning, our story will be based around polar animals and a wintery setting and we will learn all about Winter in Science.


English - 'The Sheep and the Goat'

We will read and learn verbally the story 'The Sheep and the Goat'. We will practice verbally before then writing our own story using what we learn about polar animals to give our story a wintery twist! We will focus on using prepositions and describing the setting and using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

To support your child you can read 'The Little Red Hen', 'The Enormous Turnip', 'Chicken Licken' and 'The Billy Goats Gruff' which has the same theme as the story we are learning - the theme of leaving home. You can also learn all about polar animals to help them when they create their own story.

Key vocabulary: full stop, finger spaces, capital letters, prepositions, winter, summer, hare, cockerel, sharpened, grabbed, hammered, covered, crowed, greedy, moss, creeping


Adding and subtracting within 10 & Shape

We will learn and consolidate number bonds to 10, add numbers within 10, learn parts and whole, subtract parts, work on fact families, practising taking away (subtracting), use a number line to subtract and add or subtract 1 or 2. In shape we will recognise and name, sort and make patterns with 2D and 3D shapes.

Key vocabulary: add, subtract, take away, minus, number line, fact families, part, whole, rectangle, square, circle, triangle, cube, cylinder, cuboid, pyramid, cone, sphere, side, corner, vertices, face, edge, curved, straight, flat

Science - Materials

In Science we will be learning all about 'Materials'. Children will explore materials such as wood, plastic, glass, metal and rock. We will investigate their properties - melt/freeze/float/sink/absorb water.

Key vocabulary: material, soft, hard, shiny, dull, rock, heavy, light, rough, smooth, wood, plastic, glass, metal, object, wool, solid, liquid, melt, freeze, ice, float, sink, absorb, independent variable, dependent variable, controlled variable, transparent, opaque

We will also learn about the changes in Winter and collect and record data of the amount of rainfall within this season.

Key vocabulary: season, Winter, daylight, night, weather, rainfall, rain, cloud, snow, sun, frost, rain gauge

Computing - Online Safety

We will discuss what the internet is and how it can be used, recognise the internet may affect mood or emotions and internet use can affect and upset others. Finally, we will identify which information is appropriate to share and post online and which is not.

Key vocabulary: communicate, connect, connection, consoles, devices, digital footprint, emotion, feelings, instructions, internet, internet safety, laptop, mood, online, personal, information, phone, posting, respect, sharing, smartphone, smart TV, smartwatch, strangers, tablet, trust, wired, wireless

Religion and Worldview - What do some people believe God looks like?

We will express ideas about God, explain how some Muslim people use art to express their ideas about God, recognise some different forms of God in the Hindu worldview, recognise some Christian people believe Jesus is the son of God and God on Earth, discuss different ways to refer and represent God, recall some of the different names people use for God.

Key vocabulary: abstract noun, Allah, art, avatar, belief, Brahma, Brahman, characteristic, Christian, Christian Bible, deity, God, Hindu, incarnation

Art and Design - Formal elements of Art

We will be exploring shape, line and colour: mixing and painting with secondary colours, using circles to create abstract compositions and working collaboratively to create a class piece of art inspired by water.

Key vocabulary: abstract, composition, shape, photorealism, primary colours, secondary colours, optical illusions, pop art, modern art, contemporary

History - How am I making history?

We will look at personal chronology and find out about the past within living memory. By examining photographs and asking questions, children investigate chronology. We will begin to look at a simple timeline extending back to before they were born.

Key vocabulary: celebrate, celebration, change, childhood, different, event, family, future, grandparent, lifetime, living memory, memory, now, present, past, remember, significant, similar, time capsule, timeline

PE - Playground games/Multi-skills

Outdoor PE: Team Games

Children will be introduced to team games (such as 'stuck in the mud') where they will pass and receive, move into space, change speed, follow basic rules and develop team work.

Key vocabulary: pass, receive, space, spatial awareness, control, rules, team, group, pair, speed

Indoor PE: Gymnastics body shapes and balancing

We will practice the skills of a bunny hop and front support, skip, hop, jump and gallop. We will hold balances for 3 seconds, work on straight, tuck, star, half turn and cat leap jumps. We will practice log, curled and teddy bear rolls and watch others to suggest ways to improve.

Key vocabulary: bunny hop, front support, skip, hop, jump, gallop, balance, straight, tuck, star, half turn, cat leap, jump, log, curled, teddy bear roll, improve

We will also be working hard to practise our Christmas Performance!

Important dates:

Term begins - Tuesday 31st October 2023

Halloween disco & Halloween special menu - Tuesday 31st October 2023

School photographs - Thursday 2nd November

World Science Day - Friday 10th November

Anti Bullying Week - 13th - 17th November

Road Safety Week - 16th - 22nd November

Christmas Jumper Day - Thursday 7th December

Christmas Disco - Thursday 7th December

Term ends - Wednesday 20th December 2023