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Autumn 2

Earth and Space

In Autumn 2, we will look at our planet's place within our solar system, and learn about Earth's place in space. We will travel into the observable universe from the safety of our classroom!


Our stimulus for writing in Autumn 2 will be 'The Red Eye’- a tale full of action. To support our understanding, we will be reading ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’ by Christopher Edge. We will join Jamie as he sets out to save his astronaut father's mission on the International Space Station. Learning to edit and handwriting will play a crucial role in this too.

Our Grammar focus for the term will be to develop our understanding and range of narrative tenses, as well as increasing our range of vocabulary to advance action. Learning to edit and attention to neat, cursive handwriting will play a crucial role in this too.

Pupils should continue to use Bedrock at home to support with their vocabulary - it is also our aim to access this resource daily in school.

Vocabulary: narrative, character, setting, atmosphere, action, word class, noun phrase, noun, adjective, verb, modal verb, adverb, adverbial, preposition, conjunction, co-ordinating clause, co-ordinating conjunction, subordinate clause, subordinating conjunction, causal conjunction.

Guided Reading - Reading for Inference

We will use a variety of texts - both fiction and non-fiction - to enable us to apply our learning to a range of question types, and to make links between different books and our own growing general knowledge. We will use text annotation as a method of exploring a text, and will build on our retrieval and inference reading skills. In order to support your child with both their grammar and reading at home, please use the following links:


This term, we will continue our Maths journey with multiplication and division, and fractions. We will also further our Maths fluency by working closely on our Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication and Division skills. Times tables and generating new facts from those known will be a focus within our morning task time. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall these facts in order to access the Year 5 curriculum thoroughly. We will be using Number and Lightning as the basis of our knowledge to support our arithmetic skills. Pupils will be taught operations in depth, and will be tasked with using these in a variety of different contexts. 

Vocabulary: number, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, digit, numeral, column, fraction, numerator, denominator.

Homework will continue to be set from our White Rose Maths homework book. In order to support your child with their times table knowledge at home and with arithmetic in general, please use the following links:

Science: Space

Our White Rose Science learning in Autumn 2 focuses on Space. We will learn about the Solar System and ideas about it over time, about the planets and their motion through space, about night and day, and about the Moon.

Vocabulary: solar system, planets, spherical, stars, sun, orbit, surface, appearance, model, gravity, gravitational pull, orbit, heliocentric, geocentric, axis, rotation, North Pole, South Pole, satellite.

History: Anglo-Saxon Britain

We will continue our journey through Britain’s history as we meet new invaders to its shores: Anglo-Saxons! We will learn about the invasion of Britain and subsequent migration to form a new kingdom. A highlight of our learning will be learning about Sutton Hoo.

Vocabulary: Picts, Scots, pillaged, Saxons, Germanic, Jutes, Angles, North Sea, pleas, Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Saxon, battle-axe, throwing axe, Frankish axe, head Britons, legends, overcome, migrating, migrate, chief, garnet, Sri Lanka, grave goods, conclude, amber, buckle, artefacts, high-born, nobleman, noblewoman, high-status, glassware, settle their differences, compensation, status, ranks, widowed, Augustine, overlord, Canterbury, monasteries, monks, scholarship, Bede, Hilda, missionary, missionaries, Columba, Easter, Synod of Whitby, Cynethryth, authority, Charters, Offa, worn on, trowel, unearthing, self-taught, earthen, mounds, rivet, meandering, silverware, helmet, decomposed.

Here’s an interesting website to see and read more about the Anglo-Saxons:

Geography: Oceans

In Geography this term, we will be learning about our planet’s oceans. We will investigate oceans and seas. We will gain a better understating of the pivotal role oceans play in Earth’s climate, but also sadly how climate change is affecting oceans and the abundance of life therein. We will consider the impact of humans on our oceans. This learning will support our Literacy work on discussion writing. It is World Ocean Day on 8th June, when people around the world focus on raising awareness of our oceans.

Vocabulary: Atlantic Ocean, World Ocean, Pacific Ocean, north pole, south pole, nearly enclosed, salinity, transported, trade, maritime trade, manufactured goods, quantities, freight, maritime shipping routes, ocean currents, warm currents, cold currents, gyres, phytoplankton, Atlantic coast, oceanic earthquakes, tsunami, Caribbean, hurricanes, wind, stream, regulates, fossil fuels, Aral Sea drift-net fishing, marine life

Here’s an interesting website to visit to see and read more about oceans:

Religion and Worldviews: Why doesn’t Christianity always look the same?

In our learning this term, we focus on the Big Question: Why doesn’t Christianity always look the same? Looking at belief from both religious and non-religious viewpoints, we will learn how people in our communities, countries and the world at large have different beliefs. Thinking first as geographers and historians, we will explore the spread of Christian beliefs worldwide. Through looking at artwork, history, case studies and first-hand accounts, we will investigate why Christian worship looks different across the world when key beliefs are the same.

Vocabulary: religion, worldview, Christianity, Messiah, belief, believer, Roman Catholicism, impact, personal influences, cultural influences, congregate, congregation

Computing: Search engines

In Autumn 2, we will be applying programming skills to create sounds and melodies leading to a battle of the bands performance. We will continue our Online Safety during our class assembly time. We will consider online protection, online communication, online reputation, online bullying, and online health.

Programming vocabulary: Scratch, tinker, predict, programming, music, typing, spacing, performance, coding, tutorials, error, commands, instructions, debugging, loop, mind map, pitch, rhythm, tempo, timbre, soundtrack, repetition

             RSE and PSHE: Health and Well-being

Our RSE and PSHE learning this term will focus on Health and Wellbeing. We will consider the importance of sleep, sun safety, healthy eating, relaxation and managing feelings, as well as learning about setting goals and embracing failure. 

Vocabulary: yoga, relaxation, meditation, thoughts, quantity, sleep, rest, relax, quality, failure, fail, succeed, try, overcome, resilience, experience, goal, achieve, plan, steps, destiny, choice, feeling, emotion, calories, healthy diet, food groups, Recommended Daily Intake (RDI), serving, portion, obesity, responsibility, risk, weather, UV rays, sunburn, 'slip,slap,slop'

Art and Design: Formal elements of art: Architecture

We will learn how to draw from observation, create a print and draw from different perspectives. We will develop our understanding of the role of an architect, and will consider why houses look the way they do and if there is scope to change and improve them.

Vocabulary: abstract, amphitheatre, ancient, architects, composition, cryptic, legacy, monoprint, ornate, pattern, plaque, representation, shading, sketch, stadium, symbolism, dynamics.

Music: Composition Notation

We will learn to identify the pitch and rhythm of written notes and then experiment with notating our own compositions in different ways. 

Vocabulary: features, notation, repeating, repetition, unison, composition, structure, melody, tempo, ensemble, minor key


We will be focusing on Health and Fitness skills in our outdoor PE lessons. In our indoor PE, we will be developing our Gymnasticsability and skills.

Vocabulary: health, fitness, energy, agility, stamina, mental, physical, gymnastics, jump, leap, squat, controlled.

French: Clothes – getting dressed

We will be learning to recognise and use vocabulary relating to clothing. We will also be developing our understanding of noun and adjective agreement in French, and where an adjective fits into a noun phrase in French.

Vocabulary: un T-shirt, un short, un pantalon, un chapeau, une culotteune, un pull, des bottes, une robe, des chaussettes, des baskets, il/elle porte

Important dates for this term: 

Term begins 31/10/23  

Halloween Disco: 31/10/23 

Individual photos: 2/11/23 

Consultation evenings: 6/11/23 and 8/11/23 

Poet Visit: 7/11/23 

Flu immunizations: 15/11/23 

Anti-Bullying week: 13 – 17/11/23 

Christmas Jumper day: 7/12/23 

Christmas disco: 7/12/23 

P/C event: 14/12/23(2-3pm) 

Christmas lunch: 19/12/23  

Terms ends: 20/12/23