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Autumn 2 Key Learning

  • I can write my first name with the correct letter formation
  • I can recognise 30 phonemes
  • I can write from all 26 letter sounds mostly with correct formation.
  • I can read a caption such as ‘a big bus’ or ‘The red flag.’
  • I can name a circle, square, triangle and rectangle and find them around me.
  • I can make amounts up to 5 in different ways. Such as 4 and 1 or 3 and 2.
  • I can continue to talk about being kind and expand on this with what ‘not kind’ or a ‘bully’ means.
  • I can use: please and thank you and phrases such as ‘Please may’ I or ‘I would like’ ‘Please can you help me’
  • I can retell the story of Where’s my Teddy and The Gruffalo
  • I can hold a pencil with the correct grip
  • I can undress and dress myself, do my coat up and put my wellies or shoes on independently.
  • I can say what decompose or rot means and notice this outdoors in the environment.
  • I can say some animals that have 2 legs and some that have 4.
  • I know about the Nativity and can talk about: Jesus, angels, kings, Mary and Joseph and that Jesus was a special baby. Beginning to have an understanding about ‘beliefs’
  • I can say what ‘hibernate’ means and talk about some animals that hibernate.