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Coming Back to School September 2020

Hi Everyone!

It's been such a long time since we have seen some of you and we can't wait to have a school full of children again.

Thank you to the children who completed our 'Back to School' survey. It's wonderful to hear that so many of you can't wait to be back to see all of your friends.

Thank you for your questions. We have answered them below:

Are we going to be eating lunch in our classrooms? Where will I eat my lunch? Can I eat my lunch with my friends?

Throughout the school day you will be with your class.

If you bring a packed lunch or have a High Five, you will eat lunch in your classroom.

If you choose to have a hot school dinner, you will eat it in the hall.

This is because we don’t have enough room in the hall to make sure each class bubble can be two metres apart. As there are usually fewer children who eat a hot meal, we will be able to separate two or more class bubbles with two metres between them.

Are we still going to have class dojo?

We are thinking about changing these. At the moment, they will stay but the teachers have been talking about rewards and how we can make sure everyone is recognised for trying their very best at school.

Will I be getting more homework to do?

Home learning is not changing. We will still have online learning such as Bedrock, Teach Your Monster to Read, PiXL tables, My Maths and Read Theory.

We might ask your Mum or Dad to help you to remember some of the key learning that we need you to know. We will put these activities on Seesaw or Tapestry.

Will I stay in the Year 6 classroom for two years with Mr Reynolds?

We have only thought about teachers for September 2020 so far. We wanted to make sure that, where possible, every class had a space or adult that they knew to help them to feel safe and secure when coming back to school after a long time being away.

Will all my friends be with me in class?

Classes will be together from September. If your friends are in the same class as you, then yes you will all be together. Unfortunately, if you have any friends in a different class, it is unlikely that you will see them at school.

Will I have to social distance in my bubble?

There is no need for children to socially distance. However adults have to try to socially distance from each other and limit the time that they are within one metre of children.

Some of our adults have been staying at home during lockdown because they could get very poorly if they caught the virus. These adults might want to keep 2 metres from everyone to protect themselves and might choose to wear a mask.

Can I hug my friends?

Not yet. You could show them a heart with your hands or wrap your arms around yourself to show a hug.

Why are we still in the same classroom?

We wanted you to try to keep some things the same. We have tried to either keep the same classroom and/or adults that you have known in the past. We hope that this will help some of the children who worry a lot. When you worry a lot, it is helpful to have some things that stay the same.

Why can’t adults come to the door?

We need to try to stop the virus from spreading and so adults need to stay 2 metres away from each other.

Will I still have a reception buddy? My brother is starting reception and would like to know if he will still have a buddy as well.

Sadly we cannot have buddies in September. This is because we could not mix the children in Year 6 and Reception.

Do I have playtime with only my class?

Yes. Each class has been given either the large playground and trim trail to play on or the small playground and the MUGA. This is so that we can have two classes out at a time but still keep everyone safe in their bubbles.

What happens if I accidently break a rule related to the virus, like coughing and forgetting to cover my mouth, going the wrong way on the arrows, licking my hand etc?

We will gently remind you to cover your mouth and wash your hands if you cough or sneeze or lick your hand. There aren’t any arrows to follow in September so you don’t need to worry about this.

Will I be able to play with my friends and break and lunchtime?

Yes, you will be able to play with all of your friends that are in the same class as you.