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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that our planned re-opening is very different to how school has run prior to lockdown and that, if we could go back to normal, we would. We know it will not be easy for everyone to adapt but hope that you understand that these changes are all in the best interests of your children and our school community.


We want to be able to remain open for as long as possible and avoid the chance of any outbreaks which would cause individual bubbles or the whole school to close again.


We want our school to be the safe, secure, fun and nurturing learning environment that it has always been and we endeavour to ensure that every child settles back into school as soon as possible.


We have taken a lot of time to digest the guidelines and government expectations of re-opening and have spent many hours and days exploring possible ways to meet these.


The changes that we have put in place will not be forever. As yet, we do not know when they will be able to be relaxed, however what we do know is that for those children that have been at school during lockdown we have managed to ensure the safety and good health of everyone in our school community, the children in school have quickly adapted to the changes and they are happy to be in school.


Understandably we have received some questions about our re-opening plans. We thank you all for the kind and understanding approach that you have taken with your questions and we will endeavour to answer them as thoroughly as we can.


If you cannot see an answer to your question, please email the office and we will add it with our response to the website ( or