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At Norwood we will be teaching the new curriculum through first hand experiences and practical methods.

We will use maps and atlases to identify key parts of the world. We will also be teaching children to apply these skills to identify different parts of our locality, including looking at land use

Children will be taught to look for similarities and differences in human and physical features of countries around the world through studying them in topic work. This will also be taught through field work based in our local area and through visits to other key geographical features in other parts of the country.

The children will be taught, through practical use, to use a compass and recognise the eight points of a compass. They will then apply this knowledge to find routes on a map and to locate specific features on a map. Grid references and mapping symbols will be introduced in the later parts of Key Stage 2 to increase their knowledge.

Through topic work, the children will be taught to use a globe to identify the main features which link to their knowledge and understanding of the world.

We will be looking at seasonal weather patterns around the world and how they relate to the position of the country.

Specific topics will teach the children about physical geography in areas such as natural disasters and climate.