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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented at Norwood Primary School

  • At Norwood, we believe that all children have an entitlement to a curriculum which is both challenging and appropriate to their needs.
  • Children who are particularly able, gifted or talented in any area of the curriculum should be identified early and provision implemented to ensure progress.
  • Children may be termed as gifted or talented as well as having Special Educational Need in an area in which they are achieving below that of their peers.
  • Children’s personal, social and emotional needs are considered throughout to ensure children are self assured and confident individuals.


  • To share a view of the terms able, gifted and talented.
  • To ensure there is a shared model and procedure for identification.
  • To ensure provision meets the needs of all children.


Provision for identified G + T children includes:

  • Higher order questioning.
  • Mixed ability groupings which challenge children to deepen their understanding of a concept.
  • Accessing the learning of a different year group either through differentiation with own peers or by joining a different year group to access learning.
  • Reading ability groupings across Reception and Key Stage 1.
  • Signposting of activities out of school hours pertinent to their own gift or talent.
  • Experienced visitors to lead groups and extend learning at a higher level.
  • Opportunities to join competitions.

Pupils on the Gifted and Talented register are reviewed three times a year by their Class Teacher.

Definition of a Gifted and Talented Child.

The term ‘able’ identifies a pupil who be functioning within the top grouping of their peer group. They may be termed a ‘bright child’ but lack the qualities of a gifted learner.

Gifted refers to a pupil who is functioning well above that of their peers within one or more academic subject area.

Talented refers to pupils who have a particular strength in one creative area of the curriculum.

Examples of Activities held for Gifted and Talented children.


  • Able Writers workshops with children’s authors.
  • Young Writers Rhyme In Time Competitions.
  • School Newspaper.
  • Shakespeare Festival for Schools.


  • Maths Collaboration at Duke of Bedford Primary School.
  • National Young Mathematicians Awards.
  • Project with the Head of Mathematics at Ken Stimpson Community School, with some Year 6 children.


  • Cambridge University Engineering Department – Rocket Launch Pad.


  • Trampoline sessions at Ken Stimpson School