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At Norwood Primary School, we aim for the teaching of the Humanities curriculum to inspire pupils to be curious about the world that they live in, develop their own sense of identity and think critically about how to change the world for the common good.

Pupils explore Historical information and vocabulary through stories, descriptions, representations, pictures, reports and statistics. Pupils will also look closely at where this information comes from and how reliable it is through enquiry, argument and debate.

Pupils in Key Stage One will explore a range of significant people and events both within and beyond living memory. Pupils in Key Stage Two will continue to develop their understanding of chronology whilst learning about how Britain and the world has changed throughout History.

All learning in History will link to pupil’s previous and future learning in History, as well as learning in other subjects. Pupil’s will also explore the links between their locality and the History subject that they are learning about through trips, experience and local research. History learning at Norwood is closely linked to Geography learning, with close links to help children understand the where as well as the when.

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