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Music teaching at Norwood is practical, fun and teaches the aims of the new National Curriculum for 2014.

At the beginning of each term, children across school are taught the key skills required for singing, through learning a whole school song in assemblies. This encourages the children to work together as an ensemble and use their voices expressively and creatively. A song played as children enter the assembly gives children a chance to hear various pieces and songs, encouraging them to listen with increasing detail and accuracy.

Within class teaching, children explore musical instruments in order to create musical compositions. This enables children to improvise, and create music suitable for a wide range of purposes across the curriculum. Children learn to perform together, and to conduct and lead others. Children in Key Stage 2 will begin to explore notation of music, and learn to read basic scores.

The children also learn about the history of music, as well as an understanding of world and cultural music. We aim to offer a range of visitors who can share their musical expertise with children, so that their musical experience is always high quality. We also have links with Lincolnshire Music Service, who work with individual year groups across school to teach children how to use unusual instruments such as Samba drums.

We encourage during and after school clubs, which include a school choir and singing opportunities. Through these clubs, children experiment with sounds such as chanting, and learn the basics of rhythm and working together to create pieces.

We also work with the Peterborough Music Partnership and as a result, our parents, staff and children benefit from enhances opprotunies, experience and enrichment.  Further information can be found by following the link below.