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At Norwood, we follow the Cambridgeshire Personal Development Programme for PSHCE.  It teaches children about how to be a good, honest citizen in their community and how they can be healthy and safe individuals.

In Key Stage 1 children are taught to:

  • Understand how to be a good friend to other including aspects of Anti Bullying.
  • Express their feelings and emotions and strategies to enable them to cope with new emotions and feelings.
  • Discover ways of looking after our environment.
  • Keep healthy and safe.
  • Look after our money and what impact it has if we do not.

In Key Stage 2 children are also taught:

  • To understand how rules and rights affect us and other people around us.
  • Discover ways of earning money and spending it wisely.
  • To now that we are all different and what features we have that make us similar and different.
  • How to cope with change in our life and strategies to deal with these emotions and feelings.

In Years 5 and 6 children are also taught SRE (Sexual Relationship Education) to learn about issues including sexual reproductive organs, changes in the body and how friendship and relationships can develop.