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Spring 1

Our topic for the first half of the Spring Term is 'India'. Through this topic we will learn all about the different aspects of India and compare them with England. 

We will investigate the location of India using atlases and world maps in Geography and look at the landscape. Through the book 'The Jungle Book', we will learn about different types of animals that live in India and research how the habitat suits their needs in Science. We will also begin to look at food chains and understand how animals depend on one another. (Video clips about food chains and habitats)          

We will use the story of The Jungle Book to develop our reading and writing skills with character descriptions and setting descriptions. We will also use non-fiction texts about India as a country as well as animals to understand how non-fiction texts are organised. We will be practising how to order events that happen in stories, and how we can find information from a variety of texts. During our Great Fire of London topic, we started to learn about writing instructions, and we will carry on with this during our India topic – in particular making (and tasting!) some Indian sweets. Through this we are hoping to develop lots of skills such as reading recipes, reading scales and telling the time.

Spelling will be a key area for us this term, in particular the first 100/200 high frequency words that we sent home at the latest consultation evening.

In Math, we will focus on length, mass, temperature and picture graphs. We will continue with our understanding of addition and subtraction using column addition and subtraction, but also use our topic to develop these skills in a real life context. It is our Spring challenge to learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables, including the division facts.                                                  

In RE, we will focus on Hinduism and Sikhism. We will learn about the different gods, special stories such as Rama and Sita, special objects and holy places as well as comparing how Hindu's celebrate birthdays and weddings. (animated Hindu Creation story).

Within Art and Design, we will look at and create rangoli patterns using different media and materials. The patterns will also give us an opportunity to look at 2D shapes and repeating patterns to support our math learning, and we will think about symmetry when we make an elephant blanket.