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Spring 1

2019 Spring 1 – Ancient Egypt

Welcome to 2019 (in advance!) once we return from our festive holiday, here is an overview of key learning areas this half term.

Theme: Ancient Egypt

This half term we will be learning about the similarities and differences of different periods in history and how different events shaped the past and the impact they have had on the present. In order to achieve this we will interpret different historical sources and learn all about Pyramids, Mummification, Religion, Farming, Art and living in a hierarchical society.

English:  Writing

During our writing this term we will develop key skills linked to expanding sentences and using more complicated punctuation choices. The will happen through: an instructional text on mummification; explanation text of how to build a pyramid and diary writing on the daily life an Egyptian slave.

English:  Reading

Within our guided reading sessions the children will explore ideas around forming opinions and inferring meaning using evidence from the text to explain key ideas. Please continue to support your child by ensuring they read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, either to themselves or to somebody else, and ensuring they have their reading diaries signed daily.


Having secured skills in the four rules of number, our focus this term shifts to calculating with decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion. In addition to this we will learn all about how to collect, present and interpret data in a wide variety of different ways looking closely at pie charts and line graphs. We will also be experimenting with different types of measure and converting one to another. To further support your child, please see the links to various fun, game based maths in the Maths page of the Norwood School website.

Science: Materials and their Properties

We will be looking at different aspects of materials and their properties and changing materials which will lead into reversible and irreversible changes. Where ever possible this will provide opportunities for the children to design, carry out and draw conclusions from their own experiments with what makes a fair test a core part of the ongoing learning. Elements of this will not be linked to the Egypt topic.

Other Curriculum Areas

PE – Netball and dance

PSHE – Health and Well Being

Art –Water colour paintings based on the work of Kagonga.

Diary Dates

3/1/19 - 1st day of new term.

4/2/19 to 8/2/19 -  Matt Warn Cup

5/2/19 – Safer Internet Day

14/2/19 – Valentine’s Lunch

15/2/19 – Break-up for half term.