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Spring 1

The topic for Year 1 for this term is:

Food, Glorious Food!

This term our learning will focus on food, glorious food. We will get to look at where our food comes from and how it gets to us, looking at and making recipes and exploring plants and what these need in order to grow. Our English will link in with the stories and books used. This will be a fun topic to explore at home too, with looking at different labels of our food and questioning where it is from and how it got to our dinner plate.

Questions for you:
Where is your favourite food from?
Do you know the processes it has gone through to get to the shop?

Within this term we will look at both non-fiction and fiction books relating to food and plants. We will be looking at imperative (bossy!) verbs and how we can use these when writing instructions. A set of instructions on how to plant seeds and how to make a sandwich will be written using imperative verbs too. We will still be focusing on all sentences having capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, but starting to expand on this and explore other aspects of punctuation and grammar to include in their writing, such as question marks, exclamation marks and the conjunction ‘and’ to extend a sentence.

Key words: capital letters, full stops, adjectives, imperative verbs, question mark, exclamation mark, finger spaces.

This term our maths will be focusing on time and measure (length and height). We will continue with our understanding of addition, subtraction and place value. We will continue to develop our skills of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's from any given number. 

Key words: time, past, to, quarter, half, day, month, year, addition, subtraction, add, subtract.

We will be continuing our learning of the seasons throughout the year and how they change. We will be looking at Winter, and how the days are now shorter.

The new learning we will be starting within Science this term is around plants. We will be learning to name parts of a flower and trees, putting these into a diagram, looking at the trees around us and which are evergreen and which are deciduous, naming common trees and plants, observing seeds and plants closely and observing change over time in plants growing.

Key words: Season, Winter, deciduous, evergreen, stem, petal, leaf, roots, bulb, seeds, trunk, branches

Other Curriculum Areas:
Computing – Typing, saving and retrieving a recipe in word
R.E. – Foods around the world; How do different religions celebrate events with food?
Art and Design – Using pencil and paint techniques in the style of Van Gogh
Design and Technology – Preparing fruit salads and skewers, preparing a sandwich
Music – Playing tuned and un-tuned instruments to represent the growth of a plant
Geography – Where food comes from. Using maps and atlases.
P.E. – Dance
P.S.H.E. – Myself and my relationships (family and friends)