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Spring 1

Here is a rundown of everything we will be learning this term!

Theme: Sports Stars

Our learning this term will be based around Sports Stars. We will be learning about Sports Stars across a range of sports, as well as learning about lots of different sports. We will look at what is required for an athlete to achieve their goals and targets, including living a healthy lifestyle and working hard.

Vocabulary: Competition, Athlete, Biography, Motivation, Determination, Perseverance, Inspire, Exercise, Train, Muscle, Stretch, Nutrition, Diet, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, Vitamin, Fibre, Dairy, Oil, Sugar, Fat, Energy, Calories, Digest,

English: Biographies, fact files, healthy lifestyle leaflet and writing a letter to an athlete

Our English learning will be based around a range of biographies, fact files and internet research about sports and sports stars, which we will explore through our guided reading lessons.

We will develop our writing skills by applying what we have learnt to writing a number of different texts, including a healthy lifestyle booklet, an athlete fact file and a letter to a real athlete.

Maths: Fractions, reasoning and problem solving

This term, we will continue to work on our arithmetic skills through Number and Lightning. We will particularly be focussing on becoming very confident in the fraction aspect of this, which includes finding the fraction of a number as well as adding and subtracting fractions. We will then use these skills to solve challenging fraction problems, in addition to solving other problems using the other maths skills that we have learnt previously.

We will also be focusing on learning our times tables facts, as these will be very important for Maths learning in Key Stage 2, particularly when finding the fraction of a number.

Science: Nutrition

We will be looking as a class at why humans must eat the right type and amount of nutrition and how this can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle, particularly for successful athletes. We will then use this information to write a healthy lifestyle leaflet.

Vocabulary: Nutrition, Diet, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, Vitamin, Fibre, Dairy, Oil, Sugar, Fat, Energy, Calories, Digest

Other Curriculum Areas

Computing – Safe, responsible and effective use of the internet (Athlete research and presenting information)

DT - design make evaluate a healthy smoothie

RE – Who is a Muslim and how do they live? - Muslim athletes

Art and Design – Sport star portraits

Music – Listening to well known sports music

PE – Hockey and Multiskills (Developing running, jumping, throwing and catching through personal evaluation of performance)

PSHE – Living without harming others - linked to safe play in sport and good sportsmanship

Diary Dates

6.1.2020 First day of term

3.2.2020 – 7.2.2020 –Parent/Carer engagement event – date TBC

3.2.2020 – 7.2.2020 – Matt Warn Cup – date TBC

11.2.2020 – Safer internet day

13.2.2020 – Valentine Special Menu

13.2.2020 – Valentine Disco

14.2.2020 – Last day of term