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Spring 1

We have had a very busy term! The children have progressed really well, thank you for all your support at home it really does support the children well. We still need your help on Tapestry particularly around the themes of family customs and routines. Please share with us all the things you celebrate at home and prompt your children to tell us about it. It is an important early learning goal which you are experts at developing!

Many children have now started the next phase of our Read Write Inc Programme. They may come home talking about ‘Ditty Group or Green group’ and the books they are reading. This phase concentrates on applying their phonic knowledge and practising writing letters, words and sentences.

The children have really enjoyed our topics this term. The launch of the Gruffalo and Stickman certainly created a buzz of excitement. It was lovely to see the children sharing their knowledge, they were definitely the experts. It has been great to see the progress the children have made with their writing as they were very keen to make books and label pictures. We have been working very hard on our number recognition and formation (please keep on with practising at home it really helps). The children are confidently counting forwards and backwards to 10.

We have continued to work on friendships and getting along with each other. You will probably hear lots about ‘kind hands’, ‘kind feet’ and ‘kind words’.

Finally the children have been fantastic in PE. They never cease to amaze me; they are certainly confident and competent movers!

Next half term we are looking forward to continuing the learning journey. We will be looking at Snow and Ice.

To begin with and looking at cold areas of the world and arctic animals.

Here are the targets we are working towards this term:

• To write own name with correct formation and a capital letter at the start.

• To recognise all our sounds and write them.

• To read CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words e.g. mad, tap, dad, bin.

• To count 1- 20 forwards and backwards reliably and recognise and write numbers 1-20.

• Recognise the following shapes square, circle, rectangle, triangle, cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere and be able to talk about properties e.g. number of sides, faces and vertices(corners).

• To measure using length, weight and capacity.

• Halving and doubling to 10.

• To practise retelling stories of their making.

• Reading at home.

If you feel your child has already achieved these you could support us by:

• Halving and doubling to 20.

• Recognise more complex shapes e.g. pentagon, hexagon, square based pyramid, triangular based pyramid, prism and be able to talk about properties e.g number of sides, faces and and vertices(corners).

• Measuring using standard units e.g. centimetres, grams and millilitres.

• Number sentences with missing numbers e.g.   ? +? =10   or   ? +3 =15   or   ? +? +? =12.

• Writing CVC words independently and simple sentences e.g. the cat sat on the mat.

Ice and Snow Vocabulary Overview    
Arctic Snow Flood Summer Freeze
Antartic Ocean Snowstorm Iceberg World
Ice Hibernate Winter Mountain Camouflage
Steam Migrate Autumn Predator Peterborough
Arctic animals Direction Spring Melt United Kingdom

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Key Dates

Return to school Jan 6th 2021 

Break up Feb 12th 2021

Half Term 15th – 19th Feb 2021 

Return to school  - 22nd Feb 2021


Thank you for all your support and Merry Christmas!