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Spring 1

Ancient Egyptians

Over the course of the next half term, Year 6 will be focusing in depth on Ancient Egypt. Within this topic they will look at the importance of the River Nile, mummification (which will involve an experiment to see the effects on the skin), pyramids and Pharaohs – in particular Tutankhamun.

What would the Ancient Egyptians think about Infographics?


Within English we will be focusing a lot on Grammar, embedding previous learning and ensuring that pupils are confident with the different terminology. Furthermore, Pupils will practice using and identifying different features to enhance their writing across a range of text types. Alongside this, Vocabulary will be a big focus, through regular focused sessions, Bedrock and word of the day.

Spellings - pupils will continue to work on their spellings through Read Write Inc Spellings which focuses on the patterns for Years 5 and 6. Through this they will look at patterns to help spell other words as well looking at syllables and ways of decoding words to aid spelling.

In order to support your child’s learning at home, try the following links:

Guided Reading

Guided Reading will expose the pupils to a range of genres encouraging them to unpick and analyse a text in order to gain a deep understanding. Pupils will use their background knowledge and experiences, as well as drawing inferences, predictions and conclusions based on what they read. A lot of work will be done on finding appropriate evidence to support an answer especially when answering a 3-mark question. Pupils will also follow the same format when reading within different subjects such as Science and RE in order to embed this approach.

Our class book is ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll. Through this, pupils will be introduced to various key figures and events that took place in Ancient Egypt.  The knowledge they gain from this book will be supported by their learning in topic and vice versa.

Secrets of a Sun King: Carroll, Emma: 9780571328499: Books

In addition to this, pupils will listen to a range of books in order to inspire and instil a love of reading.

Pupils should be encouraged to access Bedrock and Read Theory at home to aid their learning in school.


Arithmetic will continue to be of high importance in class through both Number and Lightning and tailored learning sessions / interventions to close gaps. Alongside this pupils will look at decimals and percentages, before making links between these and fractions. Towards the end of the term pupils will be introduced to Algebra.

Times tables will continue to be practiced and need to be a focus at home. Pupils can practice this through the Pixl timetable app -  all pupils have their own login for this.

Home learning will continue to be set every Friday on My Maths which is to be completed by the following Thursday. The word provided will coincide with the learning in school.


To start off with in Science the pupils will be focusing on the cardiovascular system. Pupils will look in depth at the heart, lungs and blood vessels involved in the transportation of blood around the body. In addition to this, pupils will experiment to see how exercise affects their heart rate and will look at ways to ensure they remain healthy and follow an active lifestyle. As a result of this pupils will produce a text explaining the importance of exercise and its effect on the body in a bid to encourage others to lead active lifestyles.

Materials will be recapped - looking at an array of materials and their features as well as recapping what constitutes a solid, liquid or gas.

Other curriculum areas:

RE – Creation and Evolution

Art and Design – Collage and mark making

PE – Multi-skills linked to fitness and Dance

PSHE – Living without harm

MFL – Actions, family and key areas/ building in France

DT- Pyramids


Key dates:

Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th January 2021 – Level 3 Bikeability

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