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Spring 1

Welcome to Year 4!

Main learning theme: The Mayans!

We are going to be looking at who the Mayans were and what their civilisation was like. The Mayans lived in Mesoamerica (this is now known as Southern Mexico and Central America) between 2000 BCE and 1500 AD. We will be focusing on learning about their writing, art, science and most excitingly cacoa (chocolate/cocoa beans!). Our topic will begin by focusing on where chocolate orginates from and learning about how this was important to the Mayans.

Vocabulary:  Mesoamerica, cacoa, lowlands, highlands, Mexico, hieroglyphs, codices, agriculture, Xocolatl, Popul Vul


At the beginning of the term, we will be learning about how to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We will then be learning about measuring the area of a shape, before moving onto beginning our learning about fractions. We will revise our times table facts using knowledge of multiplication to learn new times tables as well as their inverse operation in division. We will also continue to practise a range of arithmetic methods through Number and Lightning.

Vocabulary: thousands, hundreds, tens, units, remainder, divide, multiply, share, groups of, hundredths, tenths, equivalent fractions, half, quarters, thirds, numerator, denominator, area, measure, perimeter


We will be looking at Mayan Folktales and Myths and write our own in a similar style. We will also be reading information about the Mayans from both books and online sources. We will then look at how to create our own non-fiction text before writing one about the Mayans.

Vocabulary: Gods, Goddesses, powers, monsters, villains, heros, persuasion, facts, rhetorical questions, alliteration


We will be learning about Animals and Humans - digestion, teeth and food chains! We will learn the features and functions of the digestive system, why we have teeth, types of teeth, how to clean teeth as well as creating and understanding food chains.

Vocabulary: digestion, saliva, mouth, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, bowel, molar, incisor, canine, prey, predator, consumer, producer, food chains

Other curriculum areas:

DT - Healthy and varied diet – snack bars for Mayans

Computing – presentations about Mayans.

RE - People of God. What is it like to follow God?              

French - My Town

PSHE – Living without harming others

Art – Mayan mask painting and Mexican Folk Art Mirrors

PE – Outdoor adventurous activities, Boccia, Hockey

Geography - Deforestation and impact on Mayan Settlements

-Mountains, coasts and Rainforests

Important diary dates:

6/1/2021- Back to school

8/1/2021 – Bikeability

1/2/21 & 3/2/21- Parent/Carer Consultations

11/2/2021 - Valentine Special Menu

12/2/2021 - Last Day of Term