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Spring 1

Our learning in Year 4 will build upon prior knowledge and learning as well as delving into and exploring new topics and skills.


Pupils will be working this half-term towards writing 2 independent pieces. The first piece pupils will be focusing on is a non-chronological report. These reports will be focused on Volcanoes which ties in with what they will be learning in Geography. Pupils will research various elements of volcanoes, learn how to right formally, maintain the present tense throughout their writing and use diagrams to aid and support meaning.

The second text that pupils will be focusing on is a narrative. Pupils will recap inverted commas, focus in on the resolution of a story, create characters and then write their very own using their knowledge of volcanoes from the previous write.


Many grammatical terms and features will be taught through our English lessons, but pupils will also take part in separate grammar lessons. Pupils will start by recapping sentence structures before moving on to pronouns and apostrophes. We will use these grammar lessons to recap our previous learning on fronted adverbials and contractions before moving on to look at other areas such as pronouns, determiners, standard English and verb tenses.


Bedrock will continue to be used to improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge. Pupils will be given opportunities in class to complete session but the expectation for pupils to complete at least 2 lessons a week at home still remains.

Formal language     narrative    paragraphs   characters    setting    problem    resolution   inverted commas     suspense    pronouns    determiners    tenses    verbs  

Guided Reading

Pupils will continue with their work on reading for inference which was introduced last year and continued last year. Pupils will focus in on the skills of inference and breakdown. This will support the pupils when they lose the meaning of what they are reading and helps them to use a range of strategies to recover from this.


fluency    infer     inference     recover    meaning     relate     relationship    annotate   unpick     understand   


Initially pupils will continue with their work on to multiplication and division. Within multiplication, we will focus in on factors, multiples and a range of written methods before applying them to different reasoning and problem-solving scenarios. After this topic we will move on to measurement- in particular area.  

Every week pupils will complete a Number and Lightning and skills for this will be taught in addition to their daily Math’s lesson. Pupils who are already competent in various areas will further embed their understanding.

Times Tables will be a huge focus in class, with daily teaching and practice. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 in order to access all the curriculum. Pupils should also work on their times table at home.


Multiplication    division   divisor    product   share   split   even    split    total   method    perseverance   trial and error    systematic   area    shape    factor   multiple   multiply

Other Subjects


We will be following Kapow for our Computing this term and will be focusing on website design. Pupils will continue to work collaboratively whilst looking into how websites are created, set out and how links can be made between one site and another.


Website    design    content   create    design    edit    embed    feature    header    hyperlink    insert   online    plan    webpage    www.


Citizenship will be the focus for this half term – looking at human rights, our environment and how we should care for it, understanding our role within a community or group and celebrating diversity.


Authority   cabinet    community   council   councilor officer   councilor    diversity    environment    human rights    local government    protect   reuse   Un/ United Nations    Volunteer


Our topic within RE is People of God – What is it like to follow God? Pupils will look at the story of Noah and how it must have felt to be stuck on the Ark for so long. Pupils will also look at the promises that Christians make to God and how they live whilst adhering to these.


Christianity    Ark     promises    rules    commitment    Noah    sacrifice   covenant   Old Testament   commands    worship   

Physical Education

Pupils will take part in two PE lessons each week. One lesson will be focused on Dance and the other on Outdoor Adventurous Activities.

Dance - pupils will learn a range of skills and dance moves that they will link together. Pupils will choreograph their own sections using both moves they have been taught and moves that they choreograph.


Dance - choreograph    beat    transition      rhythm    performance    rehearse     static    dynamic   counting    evaluate    improve   adapt    levels     speed    patterns    links    canon    gestures   sharp   smooth continuous    rigid   dynamics


OAA - this will get the pupils working together in order to reach a certain goal or solve a situation that they are posed with. They will also be looking at orienteering and map skills.


Team work    co-operation    target    orienteering   maps    compass    direction   pulse    heart rate   preparation    warm up    cool down   resilience     determination    analyse   resolve    adapt   tweak      


In History, we will be learning about Ancient Greece.  Pupils will look at various elements such as democracy, the Peloponnesian War, Greek Literature and the Odyssey.


Democracy    citizens   vote   assembly   Pericles     Golden Age   Declared War   Peloponnesian War    starve    plague    allies   Parthenon     Architecture       columns    scrolls   friezes     sculptures    pediment   spectators    chorus    masks   playwrights   Sophocles    tragedy     comedy   satire    gestures    literature    Homer   Odyssey   sirens    mast   nymph    philosophy    wisdom   plato   Socrates       


In Geography we will be looking at Volcanoes. They will look at a range of areas within this such as eruptions, layers, Lava, Magma, types of volcano and Mount Etna.


Surface   mantle   core   scientists   oceanic crust   continental crust   iron   melted   erupted   molten    magma   vicious   eruptions   gases   pressure   vent   magma chamber   classify   composite    shield   Mount Etna    Supervolcano     solidify    crater   active    dormant   extinct   flow   ancient   mud flows   lava flows   smother   disrupt   suffocate    clog   plumes   airspace    stranded      Mediterranean Sea   destructive    cable car    endangered      region   population    enrich   fertile    citrus fruits   authorities    divert    evacuated

Modern Foreign Languages

The topic in French this half-term is food. Pupils learn the names, be able to talk and write about their favourite foods, unpick recipes and use the correct French vocabulary for a range of cutlery. Pupils will link this learning back to prior knowledge as they plan a healthy meal.


Nourriture   une glace     un gateau    des chips    un chou    des petits pois     un poisson   manger    les pommes   les fraises    les tomates   les carottes    les bananes    les poires   les pommes de terre    les cerises    les raisins   un sandwich   des frites   due chocolat   de la pizza    des spaghettis   du fromage    du poulet    du riz    un couteau   une fourchette    une cuillère à soupe   un bol   une poêle    un verre   une tasse  le lait   le sucre    le pain   le beurre    mélanger    tremper    mettre    faire cuire    saupoudrer.


Music will be taught through a programme called Kapow and our topic is about changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics with a focus on rivers. Pupils will therefore recall prior learning as they mimic the sounds of the river through various sounds and patterns. Pupils will work in unison with others, perform rounds and in a band.


Tempo   dynamic    pitch   ostinato   vocals   rounds   repetition   harmony   performance   compose   percussion   layers  

Design and Technology

Pupils will work this half-term to design, make and evaluate their very own volcano. Pupils will work hard to understand how it all works before creating their own working model using paper mache.


Equipment   structure    dome   landscape   measure   decorate   design   evaluate   cut   paint    texture   glue   shapes   3-D    sturdy      


In Art pupils will be focusing in on landscapes with an overall aim of creating their own volcanic landscape. Pupils will carry out research into various artists of a similar style such as Clause Monet and Paul Cezanne.


Landscape    horizon   perspective   technique     blend   sketch   observations   view   outline   appreciate    research    evaluate   


Links to learning sites


Key dates:

Wednesday 5th January- Spring 1 starts

Tuesday 8th February – Safer Internet Day