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Spring 1 2020-21

Well done Year 3 to all your hard work so far!

Here is a rundown of everything we will be learning this term!

Theme: Sports Stars 

Mongoose :: Why Fans Crave the Return of Sports

Our learning this term will be based around Sports Stars and the Olympics. We will be learning about Sports Stars across a range of sports and linking this to the Olympics. We will look at what is required for an athlete to achieve their goals and targets, including having a healthy lifestyle and working hard.

Vocabulary: Competition, Athlete, Biography, Motivation, Determination, Perseverance, Inspire, Exercise, Train, Muscle, Stretch, Nutrition, Diet, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, Vitamin, Fibre, Dairy, Oil, Sugar, Fat, Energy, Calories, Digest,

Learning based around the book 'Krindlekrax' by Philip Ridley.

Here is the blurb...

Ruskin Splinter is small and thin. The idea of him battling a dragon in the school play makes the whole class laugh. But beneath the dark bricks and cracked pavements of Lizard Street lurks the mysterious Krindlekrax. And when Krindlekrax threatens Lizard Street, Ruskin has the chance to prove he really is the stuff heroes are made of!

We will develop skills of inference and make inferences of characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, write 'in role' as if we are a character and write in a range of styles. Some text styles include: a letter, diary entry, non-chronological report and a recount.


We have been working hard to close gaps from Year 2 maths, and now we will be continuing to support children with any continued gaps as well as working alongside more of the Year 3 curriculum. Our main focus will be Subtraction, Multiplication and possibly Division. We have already covered Place Value, Addition, Roman Numerals and Money!

Science: Nutrition

Healthy diet | u-matter

We will be looking as a class at why humans must eat the right type and amount of nutrition and how this can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle, particularly for successful athletes. We will also look at why humans and animals need a skeleton and muscles for support, protection and movement.

Vocabulary: Nutrition, Diet, Carbohydrate, Protein, Vegetable, Fruit, Vitamin, Fibre, Dairy, Oil, Sugar, Fat, Energy, Calories, Digest

Other Curriculum Areas

Writing in topic – Instruction writing healthy lunch, Non Chronological Report about a Sports Star of their choice

Art  – Drawing sport star portraits

Computing – Networks and the Internet

DT - design make evaluate a healthy product

French - body, clothes, months, numbers to 30

Geography - locations of sports events and the Olympics

History – the Olympics, sports stars from history

RE – Who is a Muslim and how do they live?

PE – health and fitness working on coordination, balance, strength and flexibility and orienteering activities

Diary Dates

6.1.2021 First day of Spring term

5.2.2021 – Rescheduled Level 1 Bikeability

9.2.2021 – Safer Internet Day

15.2.2021-19.2.2021 Half Term Break