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Spring 2

In English we will be using the book of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to explore how to find information, as well as compare and contrast characters and events. We will use information about the characters to create role-play scenarios such as an advert for Newsround, and then write newspaper articles with headings including ‘Inside the factory gates!’ We are also going to describe the inventing room, and see if we can design a persuasive advert to sell it to a fellow inventor.

Through Art and PSHE we will explore character’s expressions and emotions, linking these to our own personal experiences. This will allow us to discuss big questions about our emotions and feelings, including feeling anxious, excited etc. Our painting skills and self-portrait expertise will develop as we imagine how we would feel if we were each of the characters who enter the chocolate factory, and think about what attributes a different and new character might have.

We will design our own version of lickable wallpaper in design, and watch out because we will be actually creating these! We will also be designing an alternative chocolate bar that would be suitable for alternative diets, for instance how do we make a chocolate bar that is dairy free? What alternatives are there for cocoa?

In Geography we will continue our trip around the world to explore bean to bar – how do we make chocolate? Where does chocolate come from and how is it made in a factory?

In Science we will be looking at plants and where they grow with a particular focus on plants that provide food for humans.