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Spring 2



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As part of our whole school learning theme, Year Five will use Matilda as a stimulus for learning over the next half term, with particular focus on Mrs Trunchbull's sporting talents. Pupils will look to the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo and look at how the Olympics have changed over the years. Furthermore, we will be inspired by Matilda’s love of reading as we look to instil this love in ourselves and in our peers.

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Through English, pupils will continue to practice using a range of clauses effectively within their writing, in order to enhance the quality of our written texts. Alongside this, we will look at a range of punctuation and how these can be used to have a positive impact on our writing. Pupils will work towards creating a dairy entry form the perspective of Matilda as she starts her journey at school and will write a chronological report on the history of the Olympics through their topic lessons.

Grammar lessons will continue to happen alongside English, with particular focus this term on the use of the passive and active voice as well as reinforcing the different punctuation marks taught through English.  

Spellings are and will continue to be taught every day through RWI spellings. This introduces the pupils to spelling patterns within the Year 5 curriculum and gets the pupils to carry out various tasks with the new words such as dots and dashes, using them in a sentence and finding synonyms / antonyms. As well as this, many games are played in the classroom to reinforce this learning which pupils really enjoy.

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This term, pupils will continue to use Maths No Problem to support their learning of decimals and percentages. Pupils will focus on converting and ordering as well as using them within a range of reasoning and problem solving questions. In addition, bar modelling will be used to help pupils break down and understand questions they are given, allowing them answer each question with greater understanding.

As well as this, Number and Lightning will continue to be high profile within the classroom and regular lessons focused on arithmetic will occur to support pupils with this. Pupils will take responsibility for their own learning as they chose which areas of Maths they need more support with.

Times tables continue to be a huge focus in class as they lend themselves to all areas of Maths. Pupils take part in a range of games and activities which require the pupils to call on their tables knowledge in a variety of ways.

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Our topic in Science will be Materials. Within this, pupils will recap their previous learning on solids, liquids and gases, look at everyday materials and their suitability for a variety of tasks, solutions, solutes, solvents and mixtures as well as looking in depth at different methods that can be used to separate mixtures once made. A range of experiments will be carried out which will include looking at a variety of materials to see which conduct heat.

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Other subjects:

History- Ancient Greeks with reference to the Olympics and how this has developed over time.

PE- Dance in preparation for QKA and Health and fitness- why do we need to have a healthy lifestyle?

French – My hobbies, pupils will be able to discuss their preferred past time and will be able to express opinions on different topics.

Music – Dancing in the street – Use the Ukuleles to learn different notes and pupils will understand a wider range of vocabulary.  

PSHE- Living without harm- pupils will be able to discuss how to be kind to one another and how to avoid harmful situations.

RE – What does it mean if God is holy and loving?

Key dates:

February 25th  – Pancake special menu

March 3rd – Table tennis festival 

March 10th – World Book Day

W/C March 9th- British Science Week

March 13th – Sport Relief Day

March 30th – Easter Egg Raffle

April 1st – Whole School Rehearsal and Performance