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Spring 2

Ancient Egyptians

Over the course of the next half term, Year 6 will continue to focus in depth on Ancient Egypt. Over this half term we will look at the Gods/ Goddesses, Tutankhamun and Cleopatra. Pupils will have to solve Egyptian style Maths problems and use their knowledge of hieroglyphics to crack codes and send secret messages.

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Our focus will be biographies for the first few weeks and this will then link in with diary and letter writing. Pupils will carry out research about Howard Carter before focusing on the key features within these text types.

We will also be producing various written texts through our Topic and Science lessons such as instructions and experiment write ups, alongside fact files and explanation texts.

Grammar will continue to be taught, focusing on skills that are needed and arise through assessment and our chosen text types.

Spellings and handwriting will also be taught and practiced both through English and standalone lessons.

In order to support your child’s learning at home, try the following links:

Guided Reading

Guided Reading will expose the pupils to a range of genres encouraging them to unpick and analyse a text in order to gain a deep understanding. So far pupils have done a lot of work around using their background knowledge and knowledge of other books to gain a deeper understanding. Currently pupils are working on their prediction skills and will be working on visualisation and inference over the next half term.  

These skills will also be taught and practiced through all subjects when a text is used.

Pupils will spend 15 minutes each day either independently or paired reading in order to develop their fluency and also their enjoyment of reading. Alongside this, a class book will be read each day but the adult in the class for pupils to enjoy for pleasure.

Pupils should be encouraged to access Bedrock and Read Theory at home to aid their learning in school.

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Arithmetic will continue to be of high importance in class through both Number and Lightning and tailored learning sessions / interventions to close gaps. Alongside this, pupils will be working on measurement and converting between units in a range of contexts. We will then move on to looking at statistics and finishing the term on Algebra.


Times tables will continue to be practiced and need to be a focus at home. Pupils can practice this through the Pixl timetable app -  all pupils have their own login for this.

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Home learning will continue to be set every Friday on My Maths which is to be completed by the following Thursday. The work provided will coincide with the learning in school, either as a check on their learning or to introduce a new topic.


To start off with we will complete our work on the cardiovascular system, and look at the impact of drugs on our bodies. We will then move onto recapping some of the learning from previous years such as sound and materials. We will look at the most suitable materials for building pyramids and will be making some papyrus paper to write on.  

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Other curriculum areas:

RE – People of God – How can following God bring freedom and justice? We will look at the story of Moses and how everyone has the right for Freedom. Within this topic we will look at Human Rights and the pupils rights as a child. 

Art and DT – Cartouche making and designing. Pupils will use salt dough and a range of tools to make patterns before drawing on their knowledge of hieroglyphics to write their name. Once this is done, pupils will paint their Cartouche in colours of significance to the Ancient Egyptians. 

PE – Fitness and Gymnastics. Focus will be on linking moves together through a range of transitions as well as observing others in order to make recommendations of how to improve. Along side this, pupils will look at the health benefits of exercise on both our physical and mental health. 

PSHE – Health and Well-being.  The term will start with a strong focus on the importance of having time to relax and focus on ourselves, especially within the current climate. We will look to set goals to help us achieve our biggest dreams and targets for the rest of the year, as well a building our resilience in order to overcome barriers and reach all we aim for. In addition, pupils will look into the importance of oral hygiene and keeping physically active. 

MFL – Family, household tasks and Cinderella. Pupils will learn about the different family members and will be able to use prior knowledge to describe what they look like and what they wear.  After this we will look at different household tasks, places that a family may visit on the weekends and also the setting up and enjoyment of a birthday party. Finally, pupils will read Cinderella in French and will use the vocab that they have learnt to answer a range of comprehension questions based on the text. 


Key dates;

World Book Day – Thursday 4th March 2021

Mothers Day – Sunday 14th March 2021

St Patricks Day – Wednesday 17th March 2021

Global Recycling Day – Thursday 18th March 2021

Red Nose Day – Friday 19th March 2021

World Poem Day – Sunday 21st March 2021

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