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Spring 2

2020 Spring 2 – Matilda

Welcome to the second half of the Spring Term 2020; here is an overview of key learning areas this half term.

Theme: Matilda

This half term our learning will be focussed around Science and the broad overarching topics of Living Things and Their Environments and Reversible/Irreversible Changes to coincide with the wonderful, nature loving character Matilda created by Roald Dahl.

English:  Writing

Our literacy work will explore non-chronological reports about real and fictitious animals and further develop our creative writing skills to included direct and reported speech. Through the reports we will be developing our use of formal and informal language and learn how to use higher order connectives and punctuation to extend and vary sentence structures.

English:  Reading

Within our guided reading sessions, the children will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of reading comprehension and reading for meaning to make connections with the text. They will learn how to use their background knowledge, make predictions and ask questions, visualise, use the skills of inference and build the gist to summarise the text. All of these skills will contribute to enabling the children to become active readers and in doing so, gain a deeper connection, understanding and enjoyment of the texts they read.Please continue to support your child by ensuring they read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, either to themselves or to somebody else, and ensuring they have their reading diaries signed daily.

Click here to play BBC Bitesize KS2 Literacy games.

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Maths: 3D shapes, Reasoning and Problem Solving and Multiplicative Reasoning

Our focus in maths now shifts to reasoning and problem solving to develop the skills required to apply what they have learned this year to rich and sophisticated problems that make links to all aspects of maths. In addition to this, we will look more closely 3D shape and multiplicative reasoning which is the foundation of all work of fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion. To further support your child, please see the links to various fun, game based maths in the Maths page of the Norwood School website.

Click here to visit BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths.

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Click here to play on Maths is Fun.

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Click here to visit Nrich.

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Click here to visit Math Playground

Math Playground

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Math Antics


Science: Living Things and Their Environments and Reversible/Irreversible Changes

We will be looking at different aspects of animal and plant adaptation and the different environments in which they live. In addition to this we will explore seed dispersal and life cycles in plants and animals. Following on from this, we will then explore Reversible/Irreversible Changes and concepts such as heating and cooling, burning, dissolving and separating materials.

Click the here for the Children's University of Manchester.

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Science Kids - Fun Science & Technology for Kids!

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BrainPOP Homepage

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National Geographic Kids


Other Curriculum Areas

Computing – Creating flow diagrams using PowerPoint to sort Animals using hyperlinks and animations.

PE – Dance

RE - Salvation

PSHE – Working Together (Inspirational People who have effected real change)

Art – Clay work – Still Life Drawing and Clay Modelling

Music – You’ve Got A Friend

Diary Dates

24.2.2020-Term starts

25.4.2020-Pancake races

28.2.2020-Non-school uniform day for the Australian bush fires

10.3.2020-World Book Day

9.3.2020 to 13.3.2020-British Science Week

13.3.2020-Sport Relief Day

26.3.2020-School nurse height and weight checks

30.3.2020-Easter egg raffle

1.3.2020-Whole School performance QKA and Final day of term