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Spring 2

Welcome to Year 4!

Whole school learning theme: Matilda

We are going to be looking at Matilda's love of imagination, stories, books and life skills. We will start our topic by looking at our favourite books and discussing what we enjoy about books/stories and why they are useful/needed. We will read and watch Matilda. Our main focus will be using our imagination to write our own story and develop some life skills ourselves (practise using money, cleanliness, health and independence). 


In maths we will be finishing working with fractions and decimals - learning about equivalence and also working with money and time.  We will also continue to practise a range of arithmetic methods through Number and Lightning.

Vocabulary: hundredths, tenths, equivalent fractions, half, quarters, thirds, numerator, denominator, fraction bar, decimal equivalent, hour, minute, seconds, half past, quarter past, quarter to, o clock, minutes past, noon, afternoon, midday, midnight, morning, am, pm, digital, analogue, pence, pounds, spent, altogether, more, less


We will be thinking about characters, plot, imagination and the reader when writing our own story. We will read exciting extracts to get ideas and to help our imagination spark just like matilda! If time, we will write a balanced argument or a persuasion text about books versus tv/movies. In our guided reading we will continue to work on reading skills and focusing on inference questions. 

Vocabulary: character, plot, reader's view, imagination, paragraphs, adverbs, adjectives, fronted adverbials, inverted commas, beginning, build up, climax, resolution, ending, balanced argument, points for and against, facts, opinion, persuasion, rhetorical questions, inference.

Other curriculum areas:

PE – Dance, Tag Rugby

RE – Incarnation - Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?

Music – 'Lean on me' unit from Charanga (Gospel) using Ukulele too!

Languages – Learning core information such as saying what is your name, your age and learning about family

Design and Technology - Shell structures with CAD 

History – Schooling across history

Important diary dates:

24/2/2020- Back to school

25/2/2020 - Pancake Races

25/2/2020 - Pancake Day Special Meal

28/2/2020 - Non Uniform Day (Bush Fires Fund)

28/2/2020 - Level 1 Bikeability 

10/3/2020 - World Book Day 

9/3/2020 - 13/3/2020 - British Science Week

13/3/2020 - Sport Relief Day

1/4/2020 - Whole School Performance 

1/4/2020 - Last day of term