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Spring 2


Welcome back I hope you are safe and well.

Next term we are beginning our learning journey with a topic on Food, Glorious Food.  We look at foods that keep us healthy and the need for a balanced diet. We will study different food groups and plan a healthy meal. We will approach this topic through core stories and science.

Key Vocabulary; Healthy, Growth, Predict, Method Energy, Vitamins, Root, Weather, Soil, Seed, Carbohydrates, Dairy, Protein, Fats,


We will be writing instruction and fact files. We will also write about our observations in Science.


We will be thinking about science principles, for example, changes over time including decay, reversible and irreversible changes. We will also have a focus on observation and getting the children to describe what they see.


We will continue place value within 50. Following this we will move on to Measurement – Length and Height, Weight and Volume.

Key Vocabulary; Weight, height, capacity, volume, addition, subtraction


We look at where food comes from around the world. Map different areas of the world. Introduce symbols for maps.


As we approach Easter we will look at the Easter Story and the impact on Christians today.


We will work on keeping our bodies healthy through exercise and healthy food.

We will also look at throwing and catching.


Creating a healthy fruit salad.

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Key Dates

World Book Day                        4th March 2021

Red Nose Day                           19th March 2021

End of term                              25th March 2021

Children return to school           12th April 2021