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Spring 2

The whole school theme this term is based on the book 'Matilda'. Year 1 are looking at Matilda's love of reading. Books are Matilda's treasures. They are the most precious things to her. She learnt to read and found that they helped her to know that she was not alone. She was able to explore places around the world, investigate the big and small and become different people whenever she wanted. When she read it was like watching a TV in her mind. Each week Matilda is lending the Year 1 class some of her books to read and explore. 

'Remember that the more you read, the more you will grow your brain and adventure around the world.' (Matilda's letter to Year 1)

In English we are looking at different types and genres of books. We will be exploring what this means and the key features of each of the texts. We will be reading a large number of books. Please read as many books as you can at home, both fiction and non-fiction. If your child has a book they want to share in class, bring it in because we would love to read it.
Fiction, non-fiction, illustrator, author, chronological, alphabetical, review, title, sub-title, imagination, caption, genre, fantasy, mystery, drama, poetry, adventure, historical, diary, encyclopaedia, dictionary, comic book, novel, magazine, leaflet.

In Maths we are looking at halving and quartering numbers and shapes, multiplication and division. We will be doing this in practical ways to understand the concepts fully. We will continuing to look at days of the week, months of the year and counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.
half, quarter, fraction, denominator, numerator, multiplication, multiply, times, groups of, equal groups, division, divide, days of the week, months of year. 

In Science we are looking at light and shadows. We will be looking at sources of light and being able to tell the difference between natural and man-made sources of light. We will be looking at how shadows work, are made and how shadows change over time. We will be continuing our work on animals including humans and seasonal change. 
light, ray, waves, source, shadow, transparent, translucent, opaque, natural, man-made, invertebrate, vertebrate, fish, bird, mammal, amphibian, reptile.

Other subject areas:
Art and design - Eric Carle; tissue paper collage and textiles
Computing - Beebots – programming and adapting algorithms 
RE - Who are the Jewish and how do they live?
PSHE - A Mind To Be Kind - Living Without Harming Others
Humanities - 7 Continents and Oceans and Don Hernan Cortes – the cocoa bean 
Music - Whole school songs for whole school play
PE - Dance; Year 1 class dance for whole school play
      - Playground games

Key Dates:

28th February - Non-school uniform day (Bush fires fund)

9th March – British Science Week

10th March – World Book Day

13th March – Sport Relief Day

30th March – Easter Egg Raffle

1st April – Whole School performance at Queen Katherine Academy

1st April – End of Term