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Spring 2

This term our topic is Animals. Each week we will focus on a different animal group.

In English we will be researching animals and writing descriptions about them, we will use our knowledge of noun phrase, adjectives and adverbs. We are excited to write letters to persuade you to have different animals as a pet! Our reading will include learning about animals and the different habitats they live in.


Suffix, compound, plural, verb, adjective, adverb, interview, report, persuade, non-fiction, library

We have been working really hard on our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and now need to focus on division facts within these. Thank you for supporting us with this so much at home, it has made a real difference. This term our focus is on properties of shape and fractions. We will also continue to tell the time, even down to the minute.


Fractions, half, quarter, third, whole, equal, faces, vertices, edges, pounds, pence, change, o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past

In our topic learning we are really focussing on animals and their habitats from around the world, comparing and contrasting animals and what they need to survive in different environments.


Plant, root, bulb, seed, leaf, pollen, desert, water, sun, light, cactus, environment, habitat, invertebrates,  birds, fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles.

In PSHE this term we will be focusing on ‘Health and Wellbeing’.

We will be understanding and describing our own emotions and developing ways to manage them. Children will learn the importance of respect and identifying and celebrating their own strengths and weaknesses. We will also learn the importance of sleep, physical activity and rest. We will continue to learn about germs and how they spread and ways we can stop the spread of them. We will begin to look at sun safety and different risks associated with the sun.


Emotions, energised, anxious, frustrated, content, elated, transmission, radiation, protection, UV exposure.

Key Dates:

4th March – World Book Day

19th March – Red Nose Day         

25th March  – End of Term