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Spring 2

Our learning in Year 4 will build upon prior knowledge and learning as well as delving into and exploring new topics and skills.


Pupils will be working this half term towards writing 2 independent pieces. The first piece will be a narrative which is based around a picture stimulus of a polar bear trapped in a plastic net. This ties in with our work on climate change that we will be looking into within Geography. Later on in the term, pupils will be writing a persuasive text, which speaks out about the importance of protecting our planet and what we can do to help. 


Many grammatical terms and features will be taught through our English lessons but pupils will also take part in separate grammar lessons. Pupils will start by recapping sentence structures before moving on to pronouns and apostrophes. We will use these grammar lessons to recap our previous learning on fronted adverbials and contractions before moving on to look at other areas such as pronouns, determiners, standard English and verb tenses.


Bedrock will continue to be used to improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge. Pupils will be given opportunities in class to complete session but the expectation for pupils to complete at least 2 lessons a week at home still remains.

Persuasion      convince    tempt    encourage    narrative   setting   dilemma     resolution    Apostrophes   possession     plural     singular   

Guided Reading

Pupils will continue with their work on reading for inference which was introduced last year. Pupils will focus in on the skills of breakdown and identifying VIP words. This will support the pupils when they lose the meaning of what they are reading and will help them to identify key words, those that are important to understanding the meaning of the text.


fluency    key word      important     specific    recover    meaning     relate     relationship    annotate   unpick     understand   


Pupils will start off the term looking at fractions. Within this topic, pupils will be looking at a range of areas such as tenths, equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and fractions of amounts. After this, pupils will move onto decimals which has already been introduced through Number and Lightning.

Every week pupils will complete a Number and Lightning and skills for this will be taught in addition to their daily Math’s lesson. Pupils who are already competent in various areas will further embed their understanding.

Times Tables will be a huge focus in class, with daily teaching and practice. It is imperative that pupils are able to recall all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 in order to access all of the curriculum. Pupils should also work on their times table at home.


Multiplication    division   divisor    product   fraction     denominator    numerator    vinculum       divisible      whole     part    share    equal    equivalent      quantity     decimal       tenth    hundredth    place value            

Other Subjects


We will be following Kapow for our Computing this term and will be focusing on HTML. Pupils will be using their previous learning to support their work within this module which include changing a HTML and CCS of a website in order to change its layout, text and images.


Website    HTML      CCS    layout    image      orientation     modify     code    content   copyright     hacker     hex code      internet browser     permission    script     URL



Economic wellbeing will be the focus for this half term – looking at value for money, the importance of keeping track and then looking after their money. In addition to this, pupils will look at how their choices and interests now can impact on their career choices and what happens when we change jobs.


Bank     Balance      spending     responsibility     bank statement      career     debit card      account      value      value for money        


Our topic within RE is Salvation – Why do Christians call the day that Jesus died, Good Friday? Within this topic they will be the Easter story, and Holy week. Pupils will look at in depth from the points of view of various people and will gain an understanding of why it holds such significance for Christians.


Christianity    Salvation     Holy Week       Resurrection    crucifix     disciples      Last Supper        Palm Sunday         


Pupils will take part in two PE lessons each week. One lesson will be focused on Dance and the other on Swimming.

Dance - pupils will learn a range of skills and dance moves that they will link together. Pupils will choreograph their own sections using both moves they have been taught and moves that they choreograph.


Dance   choreograph    beat    transition      rhythm    performance    rehearse     static    dynamic   counting    evaluate    improve   adapt    levels     speed    patterns    links    canon    gestures   sharp   smooth continuous    rigid   dynamics

Swimming – within these sessions pupils will become more confident in the water, aim to swim 25m or to at least achieve further than their own starting points, perform self-rescue and to perform a range of swimming strokes. 


Swimming     front crawl     breast stroke     butterfly     backstroke     sculling     treading water     afloat      rescue      confidence     underwater     stroke     streamline  


In History we will be learning about Alexander the Great. Within this topic we will look at Greece and Macedon, King Phillip, Alexander- from boy to king, the battles, the conquering of Persia and the wonderful library of Alexandria.


Macedon     puppet king     hoplite     Philip of Macedon   captured    hostage     sarissa    phalanx     Delphi     Oracle      Prophecy    Prophesy    league    league of Corinth    assassinated      determined    wagon    legend      pledged     loyalty     chariots    retreated       victor    divine     Ptolemy      founded    scrolls    geometry    astronomy    Galen


In Geography we will be looking at Climate and Biomes. They will look at a range of areas within this such as continents of Europe, climate zones, oceans, biomes, Mediterranean Climate and Temperate climate – Britain and the Rhine.


Continent    Europe    Oceans    Artic Ocean   Mediterranean Sea   landlocked     weather    climate    Equator    longitude    latitude    tropical    polar    mild      currents    Gulf Stream     biomes     savanna     rainforest     tundra     temperate climate     season     temperature


The topic in French this half term is al focused around school. Pupils will look at ways of travelling to school, rooms in the building, items in a pencil case, subjects and also be introduced to different times of the day! Once pupils have gained knowledge of the new vocabulary, they will read and unpick a French story.


à pied     en bus     en voiture      en train     à vélo     en avion     en bateau    la salle de classe     la cour     la grade salle   les toilettes     la cuisine     le parking     la bibliothèque       un crayon    une gomme    une règle     un stylo     une calculatrice      un feutre    midi    minuit     du matin     du soir     de l’après  midi      del la nuit     et demie

les mathématiques    l’anglais    le français    les sciences    le sport     le dessin    l’informatique    la musique    l’espagnol   


Music will be taught through a programme called Kapow and our topic is all about the Japanese festival called Hanami. Pupils will use descriptive language to write their own Haiku and before putting it to music and adding their own percussion instruments.


Hanami    Haiku    Cherry Blossom     pitch    sound   Glissando    Pizzicato    composer    composition     col lengo    syllables    Melody     dynamics    tempo


This term, pupils will be looking at pneumatics and will be aiming to creating an animal which opens at the mouth using a simple pneumatic system. During this process, pupils will be planning, designing and evaluating their creations.


Equipment   structure    pneumatic   inflate    design    evaluate    create   modify    height     force 

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Key dates:

Spring term starts -  Monday 21st February

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March

Swimming starts – Monday 7th March

Red Nose Day – Friday 18th March