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Spring 2

Spring 2

Please post to ClassDojo anything your child does at home – we love to see the links they have made to their learning.


Our maths focus for this term will be learning about adding and subtracting fractions, the children will begin to learn about unit and non-unit fractions of a set amount and learn to reason with fractions of amounts.  We will end the term learning about mass and capacity. Children will continue to explore mass in kilograms and grams before moving on to capacity. Children will use and understand scales to read measurements. They will focus is on dividing 100 into 2/4/5/10 equal parts using number lines, before applying this skill in various contexts later in the block. By working out what the interval gaps are on a number line, children will become more experienced at reading scales in the context of measurement. They learn what size groups are made when 100 is split into equal parts, then extend this learning to other multiples of 100. They will also continue to build their arithmetic skills through Number and Lightning.


quarter, third, half, whole, equivalent, fraction, part, equal, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm); mass (kg/g); volume/capacity (l/ml).


Our model text this term is ‘The Garden’ which is a portal story, we will focus on describing the setting also the openings and endings of the story. Children will also discuss the weather to create an effect, e.g. thunder rumbled through the darkness.

Text for enjoyment – Leon and the place between by Angela McAllister and Graham Baker Smith


Portal, warning, breathtaking, magnificent, awe-inspiring, glorious, spectacular, eerie, spine-chilling, unnerving, sinister, frightening, creepy

Science – Light:

Science this term will all be focused on Light. Children will learn that dark is the absence of light and that they need light in order to see things. They will learn how light is reflected from surfaces, shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object and light from the sun can be dangerous and therefore we need to protect our eyes.


Light, eyes, light sources, natural artificial, protect, reflection, shiny, dull, opaque, transparent, shadow, translucent, independent variable (what will change), dependent variable (what will be measured), controlled variables (what is kept the same), conclusion, evaluation.

French - In a French Classroom:

Children will learn how to respond and give simple instructions in French. They will learn and use vocabulary for items commonly found in a school bag which will lead to them writing short descriptions in French and presenting to others what is in their bag.  


un sac (a bag), un stylo (a pen), une règle (a ruler), un cahier (an exercise book), une trousse (a pencil case), j’ai (I have got), je n’ai pas (I haven't got), tu as…? (have you got …?), dans mon sac (in my bag)

History – Persia and Greece:

We will be learning about King of the Kings, the Persian Empire, Greek city states, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek language and Persian wars.


Persian Empire, Kings, Gods/ Goddesses, Language and War


Gymnastics (indoor):

Children will be rolling, balancing, stretching and creating sequences. They will use smaller apparatus such as the benches to support their gymnastics sessions.


Roll, balance- points and patches, agility, evaluate, sequence/ combination, transition, linking movements, core strength 

Tennis (outdoor):

This term the children we be learning how to play tennis, they will learn how to hold a tennis racket correctly and then learn to hit the ball and rally the ball to one another. The will gain an understanding of posture in tennis and where to stand and move on a tennis court, reacting to the balls direction and positioning themselves ready for the shot.


Tennis, racket, grip, swing, rally, forehand, backhand, relay,

Religion and World Views - What happens if we do wrong?

This term the children will be analysing consequences of wrongdoing by exploring different perspectives and thinking about why confessions might be important after wrongdoing. We will look at how some religious people seek God’s forgiveness after wrongdoing and investigate some beliefs about what happens to the soul after repentance. We will investigate some Christian beliefs about cleansing the soul and explore some Hindu beliefs on how actions can affect the soul.


Cleansed, choice, confession, confessional, consequences, forgiveness, immoral, infant, intention, karma, mercy, moral, original sin, priest, Prophet Muhammad, repentance, reunite, sacrament, sin, severe, wrongdoing, ultimate

Art – Formal elements of art:

Children will be exploring the formal elements of art. They will find shapes in everyday objects and use the shapes as guidelines to draw accurately from observation and practice shading neatly from light to dark. They will also create, form and shape using wire.


3D, facial features, geometric shapes, guidelines, shading, sketching, template, tones.

Music – Ballads:

Children will learn what ballads are and how to convey different emotions when performing to them. Children will carefully select vocabulary to describe the story the music is portraying before turning them into lyrics. They will incorporate rhyming words and follow the structure of a traditional ballad.


Ballad, ensemble, compose, features, performance, musical structure, lyrics


This term the children will learn about the journey inside a computer. To do this they will learn about the different components of a computer through building their own paper versions, and exploring how these work.


Input, output, computer, monitor, data, programme, Hard drive, function, instruction, components, decompose, disassemble, batteries, storage

Links to Learning sites:

Bedrock -

TT Rockstars -

Important diary dates:

Start of term – 26/02/2024

05/03/24 – Trip to the Mosque

07/03/24 – World Book Day

11/03/24 – 15/03/24 – British Science Week

15/03/2024 – Red Nose Day

18/03/24 – Consultation evening

20/03/24 – Consultation evening

28/03/24 - End of Term