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Summer - Exploring

Our Key Stage theme for this term is Exploring. Each week we will focus on a different topic within this including flight and minibeasts.

In English we will be researching the definition of an explorer and ways people explore via transport and moving around. We will be thinking about ways we can make an area within our home and school to look like a place to go to explore, and here we will encourage children to both read and relax. We may have opportunities to make different models to represent different things people use or ways to travel when exploring.

We will look closely at Tim Peake and Christopher Columbus and ways they have become famous through exploration. We will also link this to the recent NASA events.


Exploring, travel, investigate, search, territory, quest

Throughout the year your children have been working very hard on their times tables especially their  2, 5 and 10 times tables (even 3s!) and have also focussed on division facts within these. Please keep continuing these at home and within school.  Thank you for supporting us with this, it makes a real difference.

This term will be to revisit a different Math focus each week such as place value, money, calculation to enable us to gain a deeper understanding and consolidate what we already know. Please continue to practise telling the time with your children.


Pounds, pence, change, o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past, tens, ones, exchanging, renaming

In our topic learning we will be focusing on activities based around PSHE to ensure we are supporting all children with their emotional wellbeing both in school and at home.  Within this we will be looking at plants from around the world, comparing and contrasting plants and what they need to survive in different environments. This will also teach us about the journey seeds make. We will continue to be creative, thinking about different artists and using our knowledge to create new pictures and artwork.


Well-being, resilience, happiness, plant, root, bulb, seed, leaf, pollen, desert, water, sun, light, cactus, environment

Key Dates:

21st June 2020 – Father’s Day

22nd – 26th June 2020 – National Sports Week

21st July 2020 – End of Term