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Summer 1

Year 2 – Sport


Throughout May, the children will be completing the Year 2 SATs. They will complete them in small groups in a relaxed atmosphere and environment they are used to working in.


Our topic for the next term is Sport – we have the Year 2 Multi-Skills festival to look forward to, as well as Sports Day and a music performance from Professor Astrocat. We are really looking forward to the weather improving so that we can make the most of our field track, and all the PE games we have been learning so far this year. We will be learning about different games that children have learned throughout history, and coming up with and creating our own playground games, as well as clapping games. This will link to our previous PSHE learning. We will learn about games from around the world, and how different cultures play and invent different sports. Designing our own football shirts for the FA Cup finals will be a highlight!

During each week we will explore a different sport related theme:

Week 1: Football (‘Spinderella’ is our key text, and we will practise playing mini games of football)

Week 2: Games from around the World

Week 3: Clapping Games and the History of Playground Games (‘Please Mrs Butler’ poetry)

Week 4: Sports Day


In English this term Year 2 will be focusing on non-fiction texts, biographies and poetry linked to sports and sports men and women. We will think about how a non-fiction text is different from the stories that we have looked at in previous terms. Our poetry collection (packed full of songs about movement, sport and dance) and first text ‘Spinderella’ are written by one of our favourite authors; Julia Donaldson. The children are very keen on her work, and can make good links between her books and other stories that they know and have read. We are continuing to read and understand adjectives and adverbs to make our writing exciting, as well as identifying them in our reading.

Key Vocabulary: adjective, verb, noun, adverb, exclamation, command, question, poetry, rhyme



In Maths this term Year 2 will continue to build their number skills from throughout the year. We are focussing on addition and subtraction with renaming, and building our partitioning skills and knowledge of number bonds. We are trying our best to grow flowers from bulbs, and using our measuring in cm skills to record data on a bar graph. The 2, 5 and 10 times table are really important, and we are getting very good at saying the associated division facts (for example ‘4 x 10 is 40, so 40 ÷ 10 is 4’). Collecting data about people’s favourite games will help us to record using tally marks, counting in 2s. 5s and 10s. We will develop fluency of addition and subtraction bonds to 10, 20 and 100, as well as multiplication and division to develop mental arithmetic methods.

Key Vocabulary: addition, subtraction, minus, division, multiplication, difference, sum, total, number facts, number bonds, greater than, less than, tens and ones, rename, partition



This term in Science we will be looking at materials. The children will consider how materials are classified and sorted. The children will compare and contrast the properties of different materials and consider why a material is more suited to a particular task than other materials. This will involve looking at the equipment used in different sports and how useful each one is, for instance why is a snooker cue made from wood? We will also be thinking about how humans and animals grow and change over time, and how they keep healthy by eating different foods. We will also begin to explore food chains, and habitats of different animals.

Key Vocabulary: food chain, materials, properties, rubber, plastic, wood, stone, metal, human

Useful Websites (Video clips about food chains and habitats)


Diary Dates

Throughout May – Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Maths assessments

1st May 2019 – Multi-skills Festival

21st May 2019 – Sport’s Day

20th May 2019 – Professor Astrocat Performance