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Summer 1

Dear Parents/Carers,

Well we made it through a very difficult term, it has been lovely to welcome the children back into school.

We have been working hard in language and literacy particularly with their letter formation. I’m sure you appreciated how far the children have come when you looked at their Easter cards. Children have been busy reading their books, if you can keep practising this at home it will really help with their fluency.

The children have really enjoyed our topics this half term. We began with Superheroes. We found out about the features of lots of different Superheroes and even created our own.

In maths we looked at pattern, addition and subtraction. The children showed us their number skills and they are certainly confident with addition. We are still working on number formation so any practice at home would be greatly appreciated.

We have been revisiting 1 less and 1 more of a given number and the children are showing greater confidence with this.

Next term we are beginning our learning journey with work on celebrating ourselves and looking at different cultures around the world. Following this we will be looking at Minibeasts and Plants.  

Can I remind parents that we would like children to change their book twice a week on Monday’s and Friday’s.

Here are the targets we are working towards this term:

  • To read and write CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words e.g. mad, tap, dad, bin
  • To count 1- 20  forwards and backwards reliably and recognise and write numbers 1-20
  • To recognise and talk about 2D and 3D shape – circle, square, triangle, rectangle, cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, cone.
  • To count using money, 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins
  • Halving and doubling to 10
  • Counting in 2’s and 10’s
  • To practise retelling stories of their making.
  • Reading at home

If you feel your child has already achieved these you could support us by:

  • Halving and doubling to 20
  • Number sentences with missing numbers e.g.   ? +? =10   or   ? +3 =15   or    ? +? +? =12
  • Writing short descriptions and stories
  • Shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, square based pyramids, triangular based pyramids, prisms
  • Counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

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12th April 2021                     Start of term

3rd May                                   Bank Holiday

Week Beginning 3rd May    Parent/Carer Consultation Appointments

31st May – 4th June              Half Term

Vocabulary for Minibeast Topic













Frog spawn









Thank you for all your support