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Summer 1

Well we made it through a very difficult term, it has been lovely to welcome the children back into school.

Next term we are beginning our learning journey with a topic on ‘Creepy Crawlies’.  We will look at habitats, adaptation, food chains and plants. We will approach this topic through core stories and science.

Key Vocabulary; Insect, adapt, environment survive, soil, predator, prey, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, antennae, thorax, chrysalis, cocoon


We will be writing stories and making fact files. We will also write about our observations in Science.


We will be thinking about scientific principles and making observations. We will find out about different habitats and why insects live in different places.

Vocabulary; Adapt, habitat, environment, method, predict, diagram


We will focus on Measurement – Length and Height, Weight and Volume.

Following on from this we will cover multiplication.

Key Vocabulary; Weight, height, capacity, volume, times, multiply, product


Introduce symbols for maps and map the school garden.


The children will learn about Creation and observe the Natural World.

Key Vocabulary; creation, God.


We will work on keeping our bodies healthy through exercise and healthy food.

We will also look at throwing and catching.


The children will make Papier Mache minibeasts and look at animal patterns.


We will study a unit named ‘Zootime’, the children will look at pulse, rhythm and pitch.


We will look at Health and Well Being and Safety and Our Changing Bodies.

ICT Links

Key Dates

12th April 2021                     Start of term

3rd May                                   Bank Holiday

Week Beginning 3rd May    Parent/Carer Consultation Appointments

31st May – 4th June              Half Term