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Summer 1

Summer 1 – The Romans

English: Writing

During our writing this term, we will continue to develop key writing skills and use these when planning and writing different text types. The three text types that will be exploring and writing are: diary writing, discursive writing and journalistic writing. These pieces of writing will be based on a number of videos and texts that we will read and watch.

Alongside these lessons, Pupils will take part in regular Grammar and spelling lessons in order to build up their confidence and word banks. 

To support this at home, try these following links:

Vocabulary: Noun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, determiner, full stop, comma, colon, hyphen, apostrophe, sentence opener, sentence structure, embedded clause, conjunction, relative clause, passive voice, active voice, similes, metaphors, diary, first person,

Guided Reading/Reading for Inference

Within our guided reading and Reading for Inference sessions, we will continue to practise each Reading for Inference skill that we learnt last year across a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. We will also explore a range of comprehension techniques such as retrieval, figurative language and author’s choices. As a class, we will explore a range of texts about the Romans.

To support with their reading at home, pupils should access Bedrock and Read Theory.

Vocabulary: Visualise, Background knowledge, Breakdown, VIP words, GIST, Thinking like a detective, inference, retrieval, language, author


In Maths this term, we will be learning about properties of shape.

We will be learning about angles in different shapes, including: quadrilaterals and polygons. In addition to this, we will be investigating nets of 3D shapes.

We will also be developing our reasoning and problem solving skills. We will be using White Rose Hub to explore a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts within our learning.

In addition to this, the children will continue to take part in weekly Number and Lightning learning to develop our speed and accuracy in arithmetic.

In order to support with this at home, please use the following links:


Vocabulary: protractor, angles, vertical, horizontal, quadrilateral, polygon, regular irregular, net 


Other Curriculum Areas

Computing - Coding with scratch

We will be continue to learn how to code with Scratch - we will explore key features, as well as learning how to use variables in code scripts.

Vocabulary: code, code block, conditional statement, decompose, direction, feature, icon, orientation, position, program verb, project, scratch, sprite, stage, tinker variable

RE – Why is pilgrimage important to some religious believers?

We will be exploring the beliefs that lie behind places and times of pilgrimage in different religions.

Vocabulary: pilgrimage, belief, spiritual, holy, sacred

Music – Film music

We will be exploring and identifying the characteristics of film music, before creating a composition and graphic score to perform alongside a film.

Vocabulary: chromatics, composition, evoke, graphic score, imagery, improvise, major key, minor key, modulates, notate, pitch, sound effects, soundtrack, tremolo, unison

PSHE – Economic Wellbeing

We will be exploring: attitudes to money, how to keep money safe, career paths and the variety of different jobs available.

Vocabulary: career, PIN, qualification, gambling, job, save, experience

History – The Roman Republic

We will be exploring the question ‘How did Rome become so powerful?’. We will learn about the foundation myth of Romulus and Remus, The River Tiber civilisation, The early kings of Rome, The development of the Roman Republic, The Punic wars, the Roman army, Roman religion, Roman myths & legends, Roman roads and Roman politics and government during the Republic

Vocabulary: Romulus, Remus, Tiber, shepherd, omen, Rome, senators, unity, toga, temples, cunning, Sabine, signal, religious, seven hills, Tarquin, Tarquin the Proud, Brutus, senate, represent, consuls, republic, SPQR, peninsula, surrendered, Carthaginians, Punic Wars, heavy fines, Hannibal, camp, cavalry, battlefield, ambushed, Scipio, Scipio Africanus, patrician, plebeians, elect, representatives, overrule

Geography – The Rhine and The Mediterranean

We will be learning about Cologne and other cities on the Rhine, Rotterdam and the mouth of the Rhine and how The Rhine’s course has been changed by human activity. We will also be learning about the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal.

Vocabulary: Alps, North Sea, tributary, Upper Rhine, Lower Rhine, confluence, Cologne, banks, flooding, flood walls, port, harness, importing, exporting, canal, wetlands, drained, lock, strait, enclosed sea, peninsula, mainland, Suez Canal

Art and Design – Roman Mosaics

In Art and design, we will be making a Roman inspired modern mosaic. We will also be exploring the work of Sonia King.

Vocabulary: scoring, clay, slab, texture, Sonia King, mosaic, Roman 

PE – Athletics and Tennis

In Athletics, we will be developing our skills in relay (4 x 4), hammer throw, triple jump and long distance running.

Vocabulary: relay, baton, sprint, hammer, throw, distance, triple jump, hop, skip, jump, pace

In Tennis, we will be learning how to play in a competitive situation, as well as coaching one another to improve our skills.

Vocabulary: serve, return, service area, racket, net, forehand, backhand

Key dates:

20.4.22 - Back to school

2.5.22 – Bank holiday – school closed

9.5.22 – 12.5.22 – KS2 SATs week

27.5.22 – Last day of term