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Summer 1

Our learning in Year 3 will build upon prior knowledge and learning as well as exploring and learning about new topics and skills.

English and Reading for Inference

Text for enjoyment – Amazing Islands

Core text - Hot Like Fire - Valerie Bloom

Pupils will be working this half-term towards writing 2 independent pieces. The first piece will be an explanation text focusing on dragons and dinosaurs, which will link to the children’s favourite topic so far of crystals and rocks. Pupils will need to use a formal tone, a clear structure and various other features that they have been working on in Grammar within this text type. The second text will be poetry lyrics. Pupils will be expected to show their ability to engage their audience to enhance the quality of their writing.

Through a variety of activities children will be taught to identify present tense and formal vocabulary. They will learn causal sentence signposts on how to link explanation and will use previous knowledge by writing in paragraphs.

Reading for Inference

Pupils will continue with their work on reading for inference which was introduced last year. Pupils will focus in on the skills of breakdown and identifying VIP words. This will support the pupils when they lose the meaning of what they are reading and will help them to identify keywords, those that are important to understanding the meaning of the text. Alongside this, we will work hard on using evidence to support our opinions and ensure that when we choose our evidence, that is appropriate and the best possible piece it can be.


Fluency, key word, important, specific, recover, meaning, relate, relationship, annotate, unpick, understand, evidence, relevant, accurate

Bedrock will continue to be used to improve pupils’ vocabulary knowledge and pupils will be given opportunities in class to complete sessions. 


Measure, time statistics

Pupils will start off the term continuing with their work on column addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will then move on to money which includes various skills such as converting between pounds and pence, adding and subtracting amounts and giving change. Finally, before the end of the half-term we will start to look at time with a focus on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 

Every week pupils will complete a Number and Lightning and skills for this will be taught in addition to their daily Math’s lesson. Pupils who are already competent in various areas will further embed their understanding through a series of deepening and enriching tasks.

Times tables is still a focus in class, with daily teaching and practice. Pupils should also work on their times' table at home.


Addition, subtraction, multiplication, money, change, pence, pounds, coins, notes, symbol, amount, analogue, digital, o’clock, quarter past, half past, past, to

Other Subjects


We will be covering the journey inside a computer this term, having learned about how computers communicate via a network. To do this we will learn about the different components of a computer through building our own paper versions, and exploring how these work.


Input, output, function, instruction, components, algorithm


Citizenship – We will be learning about the law and what happens if people beak the law, exploring links between rights and responsibilities. We will be learning about ways to protect the planet, understanding how reducing the use of materials and energy will help the planet and recognising how peoples contribution impacts to the community. We will learn and explore the roles of pressure groups and understand how parliament works. 


Defendant, environment, freedom of expression, government, House of Commons, human rights, judge, jury, member of parliament (MP), Parliament, pressure group, prime minister, trial

Religious Education

By the end of this term, children will have learned and understood the following elements of The Gospel from the Bible:

Christians believe Jesus challenges everyone about how to live — he sets the example for loving God and your neighbour, putting others first.

Jesus shows love and forgiveness to unlikely people.

Christians try to be like Jesus — they want to know him better and better.

Christians try to put his teaching and example into practice in lots of ways, from church worship to social justice.


God, Jesus, justice, worship, neighbour

Physical Education

Pupils will take part in two PE lessons each week. Both lessons will be focused on Athletics.

Pupils will try a selection of different events that fall within Athletics such as sprinting, obstacle races, relay, long jump, throwing. Within each of these, pupils will get the chance to evaluate their own and others performances and will look for ways to improve.


Athletics, long jump, obstacle, throwing, distance, hop, skip, jump, relay, baton, exchange, handover, track lane, aim, direction, evaluate, analyse, adapt, modify, improve, adjust


This term’s History will build upon the children’s previous learning about the Greeks and Persia. We will explore the Peloponnesian War and the effects this had, Greek literature and philosophy, as well as the architecture design used to build the Parthenon.


Democracy, citizens, vote, assembly, Pericles, Golden Age, declared war, Peloponnesian War, starve, plague, allies, Parthenon architecture, columns, scrolls, frieze, sculptures, pediment, spectators, chorus, masks, playwrights, Sophocles, tragedy, comedy, satire, gestures, literature, Homer, Odyssey, Odysseus, Sirens, mast, nymph, philosophy, wisdom, philosophers, Socrates, Plato


In Geography we will be looking at volcanoes. They will look at a range of areas within this such as eruptions, layers, lava, magma, types of volcano and Mount Etna.


Surface, mantle, core, scientists, ocean crust, continental, iron, melted, volcano, active, dormant, erupting, molten, magma, lava, viscous, explosive, pressure, vent, magma chamber, composite, shield, Mount Etna, super volcano, solidify, Mount Bromo, crater, flow, plumes, destructive, endangered, evacuated

Modern Foreign Languages (French)

In French this half-term we will continue to focus on school. Pupils will look at playtime games including the farmer in his meadow and Simon says. Once pupils have gained knowledge of the new vocabulary, they will read and unpick a French story.


Dans la cour, Le fermier, le femme, l’enfant, Touchez le nez, frappez dans les mains


This term we will be having external tuition from Peterborough Music Hub teaching us how to play a ukulele. 


Pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, notation, pluck, head, neck, body, sound hole, tuning pegs, frets,


Science this term will all be focused on forces and magnets. Pupils will compare how things move on different surfaces, they will learn how some forces need contact between 2 objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance. We will look closely how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others and will group everyday materials accordingly.


Magnets, magnetic, non-magnetic, force, effects of forces, measure, movement on different surfaces, fair test, experiment, prediction, observation, discussion, comparison, conclusion

Design and Technology

Children will be designing and making a purse or wallet. We will use our Maths skills to measure and compare lengths of fabrics. The children will be using a selection of fabrics and fastenings to make their project.


fabric, fastening, structure, compartment, finishing technique, stitch, seam.

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Key dates:

Summer term starts – Wednesday 20th April