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Summer 1 Key learning


Summer 1 key learning

  • I can read a range of sentences.
  • I can write sentences using the correct letter formation, finger spaces and am beginning to start with a capital letter.
  • I can name parts of a plant.
  • I can count to 20.
  • I can talk about what a plant needs to grow.
  • I can recognise some numbers beyond 10.
  • I can count up to 20 objects.
  • I know some facts about India and can talk about how it is similar or different to England.
  • I can name 3 animals for each group- walk, fly, swim, carnivore, herbivore.
  • I can name 5 animals and their babies.
  • I know how to treat and behave around animals.
  • I know about vitamins and minerals and how they can help parts of the body.
  • I understand and can talk about: pollution, graffiti, litter and the environment.