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Summer 2

This term our learning will continue to be focussed on The Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Theme: Stone Age to Iron Age

Due to the vast amount of learning we are doing about the Stone Age as well as the short term, we will be continuing with our Stone Age learning theme. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Stone Age this term and we are looking forward to learning more!

As well as furthering our knowledge of the Stone Age, we will also look at the changes between how people lived in the Stone Age and how people lived in the Iron Age.

Each child can research the Stone Age here:

They can also research the Iron Age here:

Stone Age vocabulary: Mesolithic, Neolithic, Palaeolithic, cave, spear, flint, carve, hunt, gather, forage, shelter, agriculture.

Iron Age vocabulary: Farming, Sword, Dagger, Shield, Armour, Celts, Roundhouse, Arrow, Iron, Smithing.


In English we will continue to read and focus on the book Stig of the Dump by Clive King. Our English learning tasks will be guided by, and focused around this book. Our writing this term will involve looking at what is required to write an exciting fictional narrative. When we have explored these skills, we will have a go at writing our own fictional narrative based on the Stone Age and Stig of the Dump.


May I please remind parents and carers that it is an expectation that children read outside of school a minimum of five times per week, which should be logged in their reading diaries for a Norwood adult to check.


In Maths, we will be starting the term by finishing learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. Following that, we will be revisiting different areas of Maths and solving a range of problems whilst using and developing our problem solving and reasoning skills. This learning will take place both in the classroom and outdoors.

We will also be continuing to apply our arithmetic knowledge to our number and lightning learning, which will develop the skills that help us when solving problems. It would benefit each child to continue practising their times tables via the PIXL timestables app.

Other Curriculum Areas

Science – Rocks and light

Computing – Opinion Pollsters  

RE – Christianity - Creation

Languages – Objects (French)

Music – Exploring and creating ancient music

PE – Swimming and football

Humanities - History – The Stone Age and The Iron Age

Geography – Map reading

PSHE – self-worth and sharing/respecting views


Diary Dates

3.6.19 - Return to school

16.6.19 – Father’s day

12.7.19 – Class hand up day

18.7.19 – Summer disco

23.7.19 – House reward

24.7.19 - Last day of term