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Summer 2

Year 5 Summer 2- Harry Potter


Over the next term, Year 5 will continue to focusing on Harry Potter. This is a topic which many of the pupils are enjoying even more so since our trip to the studios. All of our learning over the term will continue to link to Harry Potter.  


During Maths this term we will continue to use Maths No Problem when appropriate.  Pupils will look at measurement, problem solving and reasoning. If time, we will recap the arithmetic that we learnt at the start of the year. Pupils will be asked to reason and explain their methods, requiring them to use what they know and apply in to a variety of different situations.

In addition to this, pupils will continue to work hard on securing their arithmetic skills through Number and Lightning. Gaps will be closed through focused interventions and whole class work. Pupils will continue to practice their times tables as knowing these will aid a range of areas across the curriculum and will make it easier for pupils to access a range of tasks.

Please use the following links at home to support with the teaching over the course of this half term.


Pupils have been working hard to think of a twist to the story of Harry Potter, such as Voldemort being Harry’s dad and his parents never dying. Pupils will then be using their imagination to write their own narrative based on the twist they choose.

Alongside English, pupils will have Grammar lessons each week. We try to make this as engaging as possible for the pupils and focus our learning on gaps identified through regular assessments.

To support with Grammar at home, please click on the following links:


In Science we will be recapping all of the topics that we have learnt this year. This will enable pupils to recap and consolidate all that they have done. Pupils will do this through a range of experiments, class discussions and set tasks.

Please use the following links to support with their Science learning at home:

Other curriculum areas:

Geography- settlements and using a compass.

Music- composing our own music and writing raps.

French- vocabulary, sentence building and comprehension.

PE– Striking and fielding games and leadership training.

Computing- Website building.

RE- Creation (Christianity).

PSHE- A mind to be kind

Art – Portraits.  


            Key Dates:

W/C 17th June – Race for Life

4th July – Soke Athletics (selected pupils)

12th July – Class hand up day

W/C 15th July – Gardening week